About this site

Hello I am Charles Denault and the host of this site.

I created this web site to keep Kittery Residents informed. I will be posting information here as it becomes available to educate and inform the public of issues that are coming forward. If this site generates more interest and takes off, I will open it up to other councilors to be able to post as well.

In keeping with my goal of transparency, I created this site to augment the Town of Kittery’s web site and make information easier to get. This site is unofficial and is only here as a mechanism to keep information flowing.

As with respect to the Town, only information that can be released by law will be posted. As always, please contact any or all council members or the Town Manager if you have any concerns or questions.

Information from the blogs  will be removed from time to time as a housekeeping measure after the reason for its post has expired.

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Although I designed this for notifying you of Town Government events, occasionally you will receive notification on other interesting things pertaining to Kittery.

Chuck Denault

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