Sound Judgement in Kittery!

November 3, 2023

To the Editor:

On Monday I read, with interest, the letter from Jeff Thomson regarding to former town council members both of whom are running for Town Council again. He claims they do not use sound judgement. He even goes so far as to insinuate that their actions of photographing two female employees were grounds for a lawsuit.

Let’s get the facts straight – Both Charles Denault and Ken Lamont were photographing the employees for one reason. The employees were leaving their jobs to run personal errands on the taxpayer’s dime. Their actions had the best interests of Kittery’s residents in mind. There was an investigation and both were cleared of any wrong doing.

He mentions they were instigated to do such because of other employees complaints. Of course there were complaints. I wouldn’t be happy if my coworkers did that either. If the town offices were being run properly in the first place it would not have been necessary. The town hall is rife with cronyism.

Charles Denault has spent years with the Kittery Police Dept retiring as Sergeant. He was voted to be the Town Council Vice Chair for three years running by his peers. They both have fought for senior property tax relief and to curb over development. That is enough proof of sound judgement for me.

Kim Sylvester

Kittery Point Maine