Kittery residents need to know!

Dear Editors.

Attached is a letter that I and four former DPW employees of the Town of Kittery have crafted and signed. Attached are the email addresses of the signing individuals needed for verification. Although it may be a little lengthy, it covers the events of 2021 thru today accurately. 

We are a group of the several Kittery Town Employees who were suppressed from speaking to the truth and to the events that we brought to the Town Manager, HR and our direct supervisors and eventually to Councilor Denault and Lemont. We feel it is newsworthy and although it supports Denault in his election, these events have had a terrible profound effect on all of us who worked so hard for Kittery. 

Please publish the letter to the paper for the citizens to read. We are only five, but there are many more who have left the Town or may still work there and who have been impacted by the Town’s refusal to listen to their employees complaints..


Daniel Upton

21 Gile Way

Lebanon, Me. 04027

Download the letter.