What is Kittery Afraid of at the Dump?

Recently ourkittery reported on PFAS’s in the well water of several abutting residents to the Kittery land fill. We also provided pictures of trash from the 70s and 80s buried and exposed from the navy yard and other places which is extruding from the landfill and uprooting the soil. Breaching the landfill. Some trash is being pushed out from under the retention fence.

Perhaps you have heard about Camp Lejune and the Old Pease AFB with PFAS or Fairfield. What is Kittery and the powers that run our little Maine Town doing about it?

Well it appears that Kittery has spent thousand of dollars of your tax money to post the dump with no trespassing signs. These signs are posted conspicuously on the fence the delineates the property boundary of the dump and through the vast amount of woodlands that surrounds the dump. The signs warn you that you will be prosecuted if you trespass…..on town own land. However looking through the woods outside the dump and not on your Town own land, you will find a time capsule of trash that go back a half a decade. Oil residue or green slimy water draining to the watershed. The EPA needs to come take a look without the eyes or the political spin from the Town.

What is the Town of Kittery so afraid of. Have you read any stories from the Portsmouth Herald or from their investigative reporter on what Kittery is doing for mitigation. I think not! Oh well, let the Town keep denying anything is wrong.

Instead of threatening trespassers, How about publicizing the mitigation progress and how much money was spent so far bringing water to the residents who were affected. Perhaps the council could share with us, the taxpayers, the cost to date to bandaid the issue and keep it from the public. Perhaps the councilors would show the public that it is safe to drink the well water from these wells on the abutted properties during a televised council meeting. Just a thought!!

Happy Thanksgiving