Stop the 900 by letting your voice be heard on July 13


Unbenounced to me and informed by a concerned citizem the Town Council decided to have their public hearing on July 13th, wednesday.

The Town Council is having a public hearing on July 13th, 2022 for the Citizen Referendum petition to essentially stop the 900 unit multi-unit residential project.

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The citizen referendum petition was delivered to the Town of Kittery and submitted per the Town Charter for verification of the signatures. The required number of signatures was based on the last gubernatorial election which was held in Kittery in 2018. This number was 4984 based on the certified election results of Kittery.

In regards to this Citizen Referendum petition, a total of 654 signatures were collected. (although the town claimed 651 signatures were on the forms.) Either way, the charter says: (1) Voters of the town may at any time propose the enactment of any lawful ordinance by filing a petition stating the complete text of such ordinance, and signed by a number of qualified voters of the town totaling not less than 10% of the number of qualified voters of the town who cast votes in the previous gubernatorial election with the town clerk.

Therefore 499 signatures were needed. In this case, over 650 people signed the petition to repeal the current ordinance and return to the previous business park ordinance. The difference is that Cluster housing is allowed but MULTI-UIT residential is removed.

As a result of the Citizen initiative, the petition was certified as having the correct amount of signatures in excess of the required amount. I was told that 52 signatures were discounted due to either being ineligible, were citizens but not registered voters yet and other issues.

I was informed that on July 13th, 2022 The Town Council will have a public hearing on the matter. I am suggesting that you attend to vocalize your support for the change or if you oppose it. Let them hear your voice!

Your voice matters and this is a prime example of the power of the people. The council can act right then and vote to change the ordinance back to the original business park ordinance or move to hold a special election to settle the matter.

The petition reads as follows.

“Shall the Inhabitants of the Town of Kittery repeal Kittery Town Code Title 16, Land Use and Development, §, Mixed-Use-Neighborhood, MU-N ordinance (lined out copy attached) herewith and replace with the original Business Park Zone ordinance (underlined copy attached) with immediate effect?” Yes or No

Download the ordinances below.

The council shall call a public hearing in the manner prescribed in § 2.14, subsection 2, to be held within 30 days from the date of the filing of such petition with the town clerk, and within 60 days after said public hearing hold a special town election for the purpose of submitting to a referendum vote the question of adopting such ordinance, unless prior to the election, such ordinance is enacted by the council in the manner prescribed for ordinances in general.
Such ordinance takes effect in the same manner as ordinances of the same kind adopted by the council, provided a majority of those voting thereon have voted in the affirmative. (Amended by vote of the
people 11-7-17)

STAY TUNED. Ourkittery would like to thank all 650 people who signed the petition, apologize to the many who we could not get to (you still have the opportunity to let the council know on July 18th, 2022 how your feel and hold them accountable) and to those who tirelessly helped collect the massive amount of signatures with many still wanting to sign. You know who you are so Thank you.