Game Camera’s catch more than Animals.

Recently conversations regarding Game Cameras and being used to catch Election Sign Thief’s, have become political. People making statements on social media with no knowledge of the law. During the meet the Kittery candidate forum, Councilor Clark accused me of being a criminal for using game cameras on Mackenzie Lane (the Dump Road). He left out several parts but spun it to look bad. Unbelievable…this is what he does, plants a seed and watch it grow. Even the Portsmouth Herald reporter who called me knew it was LEGAL and placed their spin on it. Next Clark may suggest a vehicle dash cam’s, a ring door bell or a nest cam is another problem. The problem should have been the theft of political signs. But thievery in Kittery is ignored and it has been proven.

Maine Law is clear.

Trail/Game Cameras Law

People using trail and game cameras may not place a camera upon another person’s private land without written permission. All cameras must be labeled with the person’s name and contact information.

This is public owned property and for those who insist I did not have my name on the cameras, it was never checked (I have proof) and that my name, address and phone number was on the inside. The main reason was that if someone stole my cameras, I could have them charged with Theft. It would have been easily captured on the cameras since they were all pointed at each other along with my sign.

Cameras have been used to watch many political signs that get stolen over the years and several complaints were made to the police department both here in Kittery and Eliot over the years. Kittery Police even used cameras to catch Graffiti Artists painting away.

2017, a Kittery Resident was caught and turned over to the police after having been caught stealing a Kittery Candidates sign. In 2020, Eliot Maine residents were also caught and turned into police. In 2017, A Kittery Town Employee of Kittery was caught driving over many of another two Political Candidate’s signs. Some of the Sign Theft perpetrators who stole signs owned by Ken Lemont, Jim Goulter and John Perry, Michelle Meyer, Biden and Trump as well as mine have been caught and then turned over to the police along with any game camera pictures. Cameras Law

On November 3rd, I will post the faces of the people I caught stealing my signs. In fact, I know who one is from Mackenzie Lane, the dump signs that were stolen and I am trying to identify the second person. This is not a personnel issue and it will be dealt with. They know who they are as well.

This has been a problem for many years, like it makes a difference. Before you accuse someone and slander their name and open yourself up for civil liability, be sure to know the law. I DO!