Kittery Ziggy Update. Still missing

Ok. So here is a summary of the day. Carmen, Magic and Tricks met us at our home where we looked at the map and made a plan. We went up to the last sighting, which was on Mill Lane. Magic immediately confirmed that she was smelling her by following the scent. If there hadn’t been a scent she would have just walk around like a normal dog. We walked about a mile up the road to the reservoir. At this point we swapped dogs and worked with Tricks. we crossed to the left into the woods and went back south. We later went further up that road to get a negative (a good thing… helps define his area). We then drove over to Ledges Golf Course and Magic got Ziggy’s scent again, up towards the compost area. We now have a defined area where he possibly is…. at least at the time we were there. Our job now is to let more people know up that way. More fliers, social media, etc. and put up cameras then traps. We are thrilled that we have a positive scent confirming it was him spotted. We obviously don’t have him home yet, but we are more optimistic. He is alive and we have an area.