Imagine if Mr. Robert Markel, the former Kittery Town Manager was still in Kittery

This election is like no other. These articles are about the Former Kittery Town Manager Mr. Robert Markel and the what if’s. Can you imagine? I can!

Only if we had a crystal ball. Kittery lost a superstar.

For Robert Markel, an essentially ceremonial moment in presidential election history will allow him a special opportunity afforded very, very few people.

The former Springfield mayor will cast a meaningful vote for someone who is not just a name with a party affiliation, but a close friend whose relationship goes back more than 60 years. As a member of the Massachusetts delegation to the Electoral College, Markel will officially file his ballot for Joseph Biden to become president of the United States.

PORTSMOUTH — Kittery Town Manager Robert Markel will be among those at Strawbery Banke today, but the president is not the primary draw for him. Markel is going so that he can meet up with his high school pal, Vice President Joe Biden.

Markel and Biden were graduates of Catholic prep school Archmere Academy in Claymont, Del., Class of 1961, and have been friends ever since.

Why he decided to leave Kittery in his own words.

Robert Markel said “This is what I take away from a year in Kittery. In order to have a successful town government, the roles of the council and manager not only need to be carefully defined, but all members of the council have to understand the limitations of their responsibilities.”

His resignation letter.