Where is the Charles R. Hansom Fountain Gone ?

What Fountain?  It was once Located at the corner of Rogers Rd, Love lane and Whipple road was a park. It has long since vanished Someone has a story to tell. Do you know what happened? Reach out and tell us and I will continue with this story.

Well it recently restarted after Local Resident Donald Hands and Councilor Ken Lemont brought this up in a recent coffee conversation. It was a fountain that was located int he Rogers Rd park next to the Getty Station and it was placed there in 1913.  Don sent me some photocopied copies, so I took it a bit further. (as usual).

After getting the original and colorizing it, I took pictures of the area and although the house lines up, I think it was either moved or they reconfigured the park. What do you think.

As you can see in the pictures, the angle of the curb differs. Perhaps our Senior Residents can chime in. I would like this story to keep going and I will do a followup.

CHARLES R. HANSCOM donated this Bronze Fountain in 1913. (See the attached aArticle, although it is tough to read)


Picture 2

Picture 3

This is my guess


To read the articles publish in 1913, click here below.

fountain clipped 1

Fountain Doc 2

Charles Hanscom Park, Best Automotive formerly Frank and Danny’s Getty at the Corner of Whipple and Rogers Rd.

from an article published in the Portsmouth Herald in 1913.