It’s here!!! West Nile detected in Kittery.

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By Hadley Barndollar

KITTERY, Maine — The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday that a mosquito pool collected in Kittery last week tested positive for West Nile virus.

The state’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory confirmed the presence of the virus in a single mosquito pool, a collection containing between one to 50 mosquitoes, gathered on Aug. 21. Town Manager Kendra Amaral said the collection occurred at Memorial Field at 70 Old Post Road, and has been reported as an “avian biting” species. Amaral said the town will conduct border spraying at the field in the coming days.

“West Nile is widespread throughout the United States right now,” Dr. Siiri Bennett, Maine’s state epidemiologist, said in a statement. “Mainers should remember to take precautions against being bitten.”

The detection of West Nile virus in Kittery comes days after the CDC announced an adult from Cumberland Country was diagnosed with the virus, though the origin is unknown, as the individual had traveled to several other states during the time symptoms developed. It is the first case of West Nile virus diagnosed in a Maine resident since 2015

Ourkittery note,

Legion Pond, AKA Mary’s Pond and Maine Fish and Game Pond on Martin Road, is in trouble. more on this later. Legion is covered in algae and martin Road is getting lower and lower. A haven for mosquitos.