Kittery Town Council passes Circuit Breaker for 70+ Seniors

On 5/30/2018, Wednesday Night, the Kittery Town Council passed a circuit breaker program to assist seniors with their property taxes. The Circuit Breaker Proposal was sponsored by Chairman Kenneth Lemont. Ken said he tried to do this as a legislator in Augusta several years ago and worked with former Kittery Councilor and Chairperson Ann Grinnell to implement this in Kittery but it was voted down. The State of Maine later passed the Homestead Exemption act.

Ken said the Town Manager Kendra Amaral deserves most of the credit in the research and by reaching out to other communities who have accomplished the same thing for gather more information, made this proposal go together in such a way it he felt it would now pass. Councilor Matt Brock asked to be sure it was reviewable each year. Well, if was passed and is crafted to be reviewable each year.

The proposal passed 5 to 1. Voting for the proposal was Chairperson Ken Lemont, Vice Chair Chuck Denault, Councilors Jeff Thomson, Jeff Pelletier and Matt Brock. Frank Dennett had voted no and Gary Beers was not present.

Frank Dennett wanted to have certain language and introduced an amendment to the original motion but that failed as well by a 5 to 1 vote.

Keep in mind that there are some limitations and requirements that need to be met .

for more official information, please check with the Town. 207-439-0452

Keeping you informed, you saw it here first. Watch the Town Council reruns on Channel 22 for more information.