Results from Portsmouth Herald.

KITTERY, Maine — A majority of town voters sent a clear message to town leaders on Tuesday: They want to see a Rice Public Library rehabilitation and addition project.

The non-binding referendum gave voters three choices. A total of 1,783 voters chose the rehabilitation and addition option. The option to build a new library adjacent to Rogers Road at the Kittery Community Center received 823 votes. The option to do neither received 463 votes. Forty-two voters left the answer blank.

The Town Council race winners were newcomer Matt Brock (1,587 votes) and incumbent Kenneth Lemont (1,471). They won the two available seats, while incumbent Judith Spiller (1,396) was ousted from her seat. Dennis Estes fell short, too, with 1,032 votes.

School Committee winners were Danielle Hoffman (1,630) and Nicholas Chalupa (1,169). They defeated Suzanne Sayer (1,088).


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