Kittery Councilors Lemont and Denault meet with residents to discuss traffic.

On Labor day weekend, while people were heading home and others celebrating labor day, Councilor Chuck Denault and Kenneth Lemont were meeting with several residents to discuss local traffic issues.

Notably the intersection of Picott Rd. and Wilson Rd:

The traffic comes from Rte 1 to Betty Welch Rd and Cutts Rd. as a GPS alternative route. They head down Cutts Rd, onto Picott Rd and cross the dangerous intersection of Wilson Rd. Then they head up Manson Rd and either down Dana Ave to Rte 236 or via Stevenson Rd. towards Martin Rd. There they then cross Rte 236 and head to Dennett Rd to get back on the high level bridge.

The residents in this area have had enough. I filmed over 30 minutes of the situation and it is available below. I shortened it for public veiwing. Imagine this throughout the whole day. See for yourself, these residents are not imagining it.

Several suggested a few solutions and asked us to explore them. These suggestions  were Limiting Traffic, Speed Bumps, Lowering Speed Limits, or simply making it a one way road on the weekends during the busiest time of the year.

We watched many of these drivers as they were making the mass exodus from Maine. They were looking at their phone’s GPS and oblivious to the DRONE hovering overhead or the many of us standing on the side of the road observing their poor driving habits. Many were texting while driving, wearing no seat belts and in a hurry to get back into a traffic jam. As long as these drivers keep moving they are happy campers. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland were a few of the plates. After their Hollywood stops, many sped up continuing into the residential areas without a care in the world except their quest to bypass the traffic.

After reviewing this drone footage,  does it look familiar? What can we do you ask? Well, I really don’t know but we need to explore options. This problem is not only here. Roads like Bridge Street, Old Post Rd, Maple, Pine, Love Lane, Rte 103 and Martin Rd. are affected also.

The intersection of Wilson Rd and Manson/ Picott Rd. is becoming a major issue.

Remember the Council works for you, so speak up. This traffic issues is only getting worse.

On Wednesday, September 7th, Councilor Chuck Denault and Ken Lemont will provide a report to council for their consideration and the council to explore solutions, even if the solution is only temporary. The report will be submitted for the agenda on Wednesday morning and hopefully it will be heard at the next meeting on the 11th.

Watch the video and remember, we work for you. More information to follow and Ken Lemont and I welcome your comments, suggestions and input.


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Written by Councilor Chuck Denault.