Forum June 29th, on Marijuana in Kittery

Legalization: Perspectives from the Marijuana Industry in Maine, June 29, 6PM

The Kittery Marijuana Working Group has invited a panel of experienced marijuana providers and advocates to give a presentation on June 29, 2017 at 6PM at Traip Academy.  The panel will provide their unique perspective on legalized marijuana and offer information about their experience with medical and recreational marijuana.  This is the second presentation in a series hosted by the Working Group, and was developed to provide a variety of information on legalized marijuana.  The opinions presented by the panelists do not represent those of the town.  The program is expected to last about 90 minutes.
The panel includes Joseph Lusardi, Executive Director of Maine Organic Therapy, a licensed grower and dispenser in Maine.  Mr. Lusardi operates a grow facility in Biddeford and a medical marijuana dispensary in Ellsworth.  Established in 2010, Maine Organic Therapy was the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary to open in Maine.
Anthony Dalessandro, President and Founder of Trillium Botanicals, is a licensed Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Maine and a patient advocate.  As a cultivator, Mr. Dalessandro has developed sustainable growing techniques; and as a caregiver he works with patients with a wide range of conditions. 
David Boyer is the Maine Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, one of the entities that advanced the legalization ballot initiative in Maine.  The Marijuana Policy Project’s mission is to change federal law to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without federal interference, as well as to regulate marijuana like alcohol in all 50 states, D.C., and the five territories.
Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine since its adoption in 2009.  Each panelist will offer information about their experience with the marijuana industry and offer insights that will help the town understand how industry works in Maine.  Following their presentations the panelists will respond to questions both from the moderator and the audience. 
Maine voters approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational uses in November of 2016.  The law allows cities and towns to determine if they want to allow retail recreational marijuana grow facilities, manufacturing, and retail stores in their communities.  In accordance with the new law, the town cannot enact ordinances or regulations that prohibit personal use of recreational marijuana in Kittery. 
The Kittery Marijuana Working Group launched a webpage in April to share information about recreational marijuana in Maine, and gather input from residents and businesses on their vision for recreational marijuana in Kittery.  The Recreational Marijuana project page can be found at
Visitors to the webpage will find a link to the State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Implementation of recreational marijuana, the town’s framework for addressing marijuana legalization, a presentation given by the Maine Municipal Association on Maine’s legalization measure, and other information.  The webpage also includes links to a resident survey and a business survey.  In both surveys, the Working Group is gathering information on the interest of having different types of marijuana facilities in Kittery and input on opportunities and concerns.  The business survey also seeks to understand if businesses are considering opening a marijuana facility in Kittery.
The Working Group is comprised of the Town Manager, Kendra Amaral, Doctor Robert Hulefeld of York Hospital, Police Chief James Soucy, Fire Chief David O’Brien, Town Planner, Chris DiMatteo, Code Enforcement Officer, Robert Marchi, School Resource Officer Jay Durgin, and Intern David Evans.  They meet monthly and are focused on drafting land use, public safety, and town policy proposals to address recreational marijuana in Kittery. 
For more information contact Kendra Amaral at or at 207-475-1329.  The Recreational Marijuana webpage can be found at