Kittery council provides direction for sewer betterment plan


KITTERY, Maine — The Town Council reached consensus — but took no action — Monday night on a number of items regarding the plan to reduce sewer betterment estimates.

The council met for over 90 minutes during a workshop at Town Hall. They discussed whether the body has authority to extend the betterment assessment payment period, potential tax-increment finance (TIF) revenue and total project costs that property owners will split, among other topics.

Although the council came to a consensus on several points, they did not vote on any proposals, and none of their decisions are binding. Instead, the workshop gave the town manager and staff direction on council’s level of support for the different parts of the proposal to reduce the betterment assessments. The updated plan has not been formally presented to the council. No vote will take place on the betterments until a hearing is held, which is expected next month.

By Brian Early

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