Interpretive sign about sub disaster

By Brian Early

January 31. 2016 6:41PM

Interpretive sign about sub disaster

KITTERY, Maine — An interpretative sign to commemorate USS Thresher submarine, which sank in 1963 killing all 129 on board, was recently installed at the Kittery Memorial Circle, which has the Thresher Memorial Flag Pole at the center of it.

The sign is near the Dairy Queen, which allows visitors to read about the submarine and the accident while having the 129-foot flag pole in view. Each foot of the pole represents one of the people who died aboard the submarine April 10, 1963. On board was a mix of Navy officers, sailors and civilian workers.

USS Thresher (SSN 593), which was built at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and commissioned in 1961, was undergoing a nine-month overhaul at the shipyard. It was conducting deep water tests in the Atlantic Ocean when the accident occurred, which was “the worst submarine disaster the world has ever known,” it says on the sign.

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