Eliot Part Ways, No longer wanting a shared Police Chief


Eliot and Kittery to no longer share police chief By Ralph Morang

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ELIOT, Maine — The town will no longer share a police chief with Kittery.

For three years, through an inter-municipal agreement, Eliot and Kittery have shared Police Chief Theodor Short.

The chief’s $110,000 salary has been split 60/40 between Kittery and Eliot, and his benefits 50/50. Ever since Short announced his retirement last November, effective June 30, the question of whether Kittery and Eliot would share another chief has gone back and forth.

Town Manager Dana Lee and Kittery Town Manager Nancy Colbert Puff both said earlier last year that they did not intend to pursue a shared chief. But in November, Puff said Kittery would support a shared chief.

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