Juston McKinney to donate to Traip program

Juston McKinney to donate to Traip program

Juston McKinney
Juston McKinney

By Brian Early

KITTERY, Maine – Seacoast’s local funnyman and 1988 Traip Academy School graduate, Juston McKinney, selected Traip Academy’s Project Graduation as the charity he will donate a portion of his proceeds from his upcoming Music Hall comedy show.

“Juston McKinney’s Last Laugh,” his annual comedy event at The Music Hall, will have two shows at 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 26.

“Every year I donate a portion of proceeds to different local charities,” he said in an email. In the past, he’s donated to the Salvation Army, Project Graduation and a memorial for fallen Brentwood police officer Steve Arkell.

Trisha Kashmer, a mother of a current senior at Traip who is helping to organize Project Graduation, said the event for graduating seniors is a chemical-free celebration party organized by parents of the graduating class to keep them safe while celebrating their graduation, she said in an email.

The night consists of a blend of food, entertainment activities and gifts for approximately 85 students and chaperones, she said.

McKinney expects to be able to donate well over $1,000 to Project Graduation from his shows on Saturday.

For information about McKinney’s shows and to purchase tickets, visit www.themusichall.org or call The Music Hall at 436-2400, or the comedian’s

website, justonmckinney.com. Juston McKinney to donate to Traip program