Suspected heroin overdose death investigated in Kittery

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By Jesse Scardina

KITTERY, Maine — A 31-year-old man died Tuesday afternoon on Oak Terrace of what police are calling a heroin overdose.

Police Chief Theodor Short confirmed the death and ongoing investigation, saying a call for the overdose was received around noon.

Short wouldn’t provide the identification of the man, wanting to give adequate time to notify family. Short said the man was a resident of Kittery and Eliot and had been staying with relatives at an Oak Terrace home. Short said someone at the home called police.

“He was already deceased once police arrived,” the chief said. “It’s being investigated. We’re in the very preliminary stages but it’s being investigated as a heroin overdose.”

Short wouldn’t comment about what led police to believe it was a heroin overdose, citing the early stages of the investigation.

There has been at least four deaths related to heroin or fentanyl in Kittery and Eliot this year, according to police.