Kittery Community Center budget increase raises concerns

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By Jesse Scardina

October 18. 2015 2:01AM

KITTERY, Maine – When looking at the town’s approved municipal budget, it doesn’t take long to notice the third-largest individual department is the town’s community center.

Coming in at more than $1.2 million for the upcoming year, the Kittery Community Center’s budget is only eclipsed by the Police Department at $2.7 million and the Department of Public Works at $1.8 million.

The budget grew more than $75,000 from last year’s, a 6.5 percent increase during a time when department heads were told to aim for a 1.7 percent growth.

Some residents saw this increase as town officials playing favorites with the community center, giving it whatever it asked for while leaving other departments to make ends meet.

“The KCC itself is doing what it should be doing, getting as much as they can,” said

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