Kittery Town Hall walk-in help curtailed due to staff shortage


KITTERY, Maine – As a result of the recent resignations of the code enforcement officer and town planner, walk-in assistance at Town Hall for those functions has been curtailed.

Until further notice, the counter that serves the assessing, code enforcement and planning departments will be closed on Tuesday starting Tuesday, Oct. 7.

As Town Hall is closed on Fridays, that means counter hours will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The decision was made following the recent resignations of Code Enforcement Officer Heather Ross and Town Planner and Community Development Director Gerry Mylroie. Ross left to become Eliot’s CEO, and Mylroie left, he said, to pursue other interests.

Chris DiMatteo was named interim town planner; he has been assistant town planner. The town is actively looking for a replacement for Ross.

According to a notice on the Town Hall website, the staff will still be available by phone on Tuesdays while the counter is closed. Residents are thanked for their patience during the transition.

 — Deborah McDermott