Kittery council to vote on town dock project
July 28, 2014 8:46 AM

KITTERY, Maine — Work could begin shortly for a float system at the Traip Academy dock. The town had allocated $20,000 for the project, but bidding came in at $31,010.

In her report to the Town Council, Town Manager Nancy Colbert Puff said the state Department of Transportation has agreed to split the difference with the town. The Kittery Port Authority will pick up the town portion of the bill, she said.

At Monday night’s meeting, the Town Council is expected to consider whether to officially approve the deal, Colbert Puff said.

The Town Council is also being asked to authorize the submission of a state grant to further the Spruce Creek Watershed Restoration Project, with a town match of $65,000.

The Spruce Creek Association has been working for years to study the creek, with testing of suspected hotspots of bacteria contamination. To date, the town has contributed more than $300,000 for this work, and has received more than $225,000 in state grants.

The Town Council is being asked to continue this effort, specifically for targeted follow-up to the work that has already been done to refine polluting sources.

Councilor Frank Dennett is asking his Town Council colleagues to consider a possible charter amendment. According to a memo to councilors, Dennett said three employees have been unable to be promoted to positions as “municipal officials” because they are not Maine residents as required by state law. He said the town’s voters have the power to bypass the state law with a charter amendment. The council, he said, would need to hold a public hearing on the issue, then include a proposed amendment on the November ballot.

The Town Council meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Before the meeting, at 6 p.m., the council invites the public to a workshop with Assessor Bruce Kerns.