Kittery Historical & Naval Museum meeting at Kittery Lions Club

MuseumKittery Historical & Naval Museum
Quarterly Meeting at the Kittery Lions Club
June 10th at 7:00 pm

“Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from the Periscope”

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has a venerable heritage and rich tradition. For more than 200 years Yankee ingenuity and craftsmanship have been the keys to the Shipyard’s success. Learn about its role and achievements in times of war and peace from a submariner’s perspective.

 Your host, Gary Hildreth, is a retired submariner who fell in love with Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the New Hampshire/Maine Seacoast area. After a full naval career of nearly 29 years, Gary began his second career as a member of the Shipyard’s Public Affairs Team. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and a few sea stories not in print, make the “Yard’s” history and folklore come alive and entertaining.
As always, Quarterly programs are free and open to the public.