Kittery Beach Readings to be posted on


The beach readings taken at the beaches will begin to be posted on ourkittery. These readings alert the citizens to the conditions at the beaches and if the bacteria count is to high, the recommendations to stay out of the water could then be made.

More to come, but this is another way to keep Kittery Transparent. Thanks to the Parks Commission and Page Mead and the gang for getting OURKITTERY the information. Below is the format we intend to use. These are last weeks readings.

Sea Point Beach – 5

Crescent  Beach – 164

 Scuba Beach –       10

 Horn Point   –          60

 Baby Beach            10

As you see Crescent Beach had a moderately high reading. A warning was not posted because this beach is not used at all at this time of year. They are keeping an eye on it.