End 68 HOURS of hunger. Reminder. Food for Students

0P6CA1UWUA2CAKC9WG7CA84S93XCAUEP9BFCAHTFSJTCA3FWXVFCA4I9BP6CAJ1RP8GCAW1251CCAQZMJ4ACAMSFSNNCAC9HDGECA3SANO2CATO81J4CA9FR2PNCAXF9DO0CA0OZ397CAQYF2WSJust a reminder that the basket for dropping off food for the 68 HOURS OF HUNGER PROGRAM is in the lobby of the Town Hall.

Currently the Town Hall is open Monday through Thursday but the lobby is open Monday through Friday because of the school department and the lobby doors will be open.

People who would like to drop off food for kids lunches and items that fall under the guidelines of the 68 DAYS OF HUNGER are encouraging to make a drop off.

School is almost out for the summer but the program still needs help.

for more information: http://end68hoursofhunger.org/