EDC unapproved minutes for May 13th 2014



May 13, 2014                                      Regular Meeting                                      Conference Room A


1.   Call to Order

With Chairman Gary Beers, George Dow, Stephen Kosacz, Councilor Charles Denault, and Gerald Mylroie, present at 4:15pm, The Chairman declared an absence of a quorum of voting Committee members to conduct regular business.  John Carlson, Patrick Trevino, Ann Grinnell and Nancy Colbert Puff absent.

 2.   Meeting Adjourned at 4:15PM


Members present suggested, and the Chairman agreed to conduct, a Workshop session to discuss matters regarding the Economic Development Plan draft which proceeded at 4:16PM.


Lengthy discussion was held on the purpose, history, obligation to Council, and structure/hierarchy of het Plan draft.  Mr. Mylroie expressed four primary reasons related to Comprehensive Plan and economic development objectives:

  1. Increase resident personal wealth
  2. Support existing business growth
  3. Attract new business
  4. Increase municipal revenue


The Chairman pointed out that draft Section 1 contained the existing Comprehensive Plan actual goals (1.2) and policies (1.3) and that the purposes were Section 1.1.  Mr. Kosacz indicated that the Foreside Forum Business Working Group needed to see that information and that he would convey it to them.  Mr. Dow said that the Plan needed an Executive Summary for the Council and offered to draft one.  Mr. Mylroie suggested some minor edits.  A revised draft will be provided for consideration at the next meeting.


Discussion then focused on checklists for starting a business in Kittery and for pursuing new development.  The Chairman mentioned the draft language for the Business in Focus article stemming from the website pages and the draft brochure being a Kittery is a place to do business general message as the beginning bases for the checklists.  Two first drafts of a layout for incorporation into web pages will be created with working titles, “How to Start Your Kittery Business” and “Commercial Business Development in Kittery”.


Workshop concluded at 5:45PM…..