School budget said to be now at 1.5%

money-in-chainsTuesday night, the Kittery Maine School Committee and the Superintendant reworked the budget and reached the 1.5 percent increase.

Keeping the budget spending to a 1.5 percent increase was agreed to earlier in the year.

Superintendent Hutton and the Committee met this goal by creating more cuts. During the meeting, Hutton addressed just a couple of issues of several issues recently raised by citizens.

Earlier in the month, it was declared a miracle when the budget came in at 1.8 percent. Although there were $233,000 in positions and services added as well as an 11.9 percent raise for the superintendent. This incidently was part of a 21% raise over three years based on her performance. Although there were increases, there  was also difficult cuts and concessions.

See the links below for the previous projections of Cuts and Added services.

After the budget was reduced to the requested amount, according to the Portsmouth Herald, Julie Dow said, “I’m glad we came to an agreement, but it’s been an ugly process. It’s sad. There are lots of great things going on in our schools, and we want to continue that good work.”

The Kittery School budget is currently at 14.7 million dollars ($14,700,000.00). This figure represents almost 70% of the property taxes in Kittery. Municipal and County taxes make up the rest.

This post contains a synopsis of the recent meeting. In order to have an accurate account of both recent meetings,  citizens are encouraged to watch for the ON DEMAND streamed meetings.

Meetings to watch on the PC or Smart Phones

Budget Workshop 3-11-2014 

Public Hearing on the proposed School Budget. 3-4-14 


Letter to parents from Allyn Hutton

Proposed budget prior to this meeting.

Cuts to services

Added Programs

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