Foreside Forum Business Subcommittee 3-24-14

subThe Foreside Forum Business Subcommittee is meeting next Monday night, March 24, 6:00 PM at the KCC on the 2nd floor in our efforts to continue the discussion for businesses in an area whose name has yet to be determined. 
Items to be discussed:
Will the area  bordered by the Piscataqua RIver, Old Post Road to the Memorial Circle, Rogers Road, Shapleigh Road, Whipple Road back to the Piscataqua River be: Foreside Plus, Kittery Local, or ?? .
Since the initial Foreside Forum at the Council Chambers, the Business subgroup has assembled questions, concerns, identified businesses in the area. 
In our subgroup session at the Foreside Forum earlier this month at the KCC, we again raised the issue of the name for this area and started discussion about how to survey the businesses AND residents so that we are working in harmony to preserve the sense of small town neighborhood and local businesses.  
Business subgroup leader.
This group would like to also invite the other subcommittee leaders because we have shared concerns about the impact on residents, transportation needs, and open spaces.
Business subgroup leader.

Stephen Kosacz
Autoworks, Inc.
107 Government St
Kittery, ME 03904-1645