Council Workshop Productive


workshoupOn Monday night 3-17-2014, the Town Council held a workshop to review a few changes to a policies and to hear the Town Managers goals and updates as well as meet with the planning board.


The Town Managers goals were clearly laid out. Nancy Puff has created an ordinance review committee to review staff ordinances before they are submitted to council. As she is working on the Town Website, she has added a news section, which like ourkittery, allows you to signup and put in your email and when items are posted, an email is sent to your email. (Like the ourkittery website does).

There has been some questions raised about a few limited email messages as a result of the emergency banner text. i.e. snow removal warnings, etc. This text can only be so long and there for may be very short when you get your email message. This is normal for the banner text. (Subscribe to Kittery News here)

Nancy also advised us that the Comcast boxes that hold the live video transport devices are installed and Comcast is working to get those hooked up. The devices will be installed at the Community Center theater area, Fire Department, Traip Academy Gymnasium, Shapliegh Gymnasium and the Memorial Field Tower.

These devices will allow a live location to directly connect video equipment such as cameras to transmit the video feed to the Town Hall and out to Channel 22 for live broadcasting of events such as Basketball and Football games, Homecoming, Plays and Concerts as well as provide live Emergency Management Broadcast from the Fire Department should Kittery or EMA need to utilize that function.

The Shared Services Committee was reviewed and spearheaded by Council Woman Judy Spiller. This committee has been dormant for sometime and if reactivated, will allow for a team to assist and augment the Town Manager (when called upon) with ideas and implementation of sharing services as we do now with the Police Chief and others.

A review of the Boards and Committee procedures were also conducted. The intent of this review was to streamline the Boards and Committee charges, minutes and agendas and provide a common direction for the boards. Since there were other reviews being conducted by the Town manager and the Town Attorney regarding the personnel board, we continued this review to our next work shop.

Chairman Jeff Thomson wants to hold a saturday meeting with residents to provide information to those wishing to join boards and become involved. This will be posted soon when the plan is ready to go. In case you are not aware, there are many boards and committees that could use citizen involvement.

Also watch the ourkittery site for a post on the Seacoast J1 Hospitality Coalition (foreigh workers and students) that come and work in the local area. There will be a meeting wednesday night in the Council Chambers for those who would like to attend. More to come on this.

The CIP committee review was a house keeping issue and to correct a few issues with proper position naming and member count. There was limited interest in adding another citizen to the group at this time but it was felt it could be revisited perhaps next year and to give the Town Manager time to review the process.

Council also met with the Planning board. They requested direction and suggestions that were readily accepted. Their issues included providing a complete and reviewed ordinance to council, cover sheets for reports to council, goals and ideas concerning the planning process.

The Planning Board was concerned with how to get the word out about their activities. The said, although they advertised agendas and posted minutes, they rarely see people at the meetings. When they do hear feedback, it is usually when the issue comes before council and then the issues and comments arise.

A joint public meeting was discussed as well. Nancy enlightened the board when she told them that Channel 22 will soon be airing their meetings on the Public Access Channel.

The meeting lasted two and a half hours and the above is just a synopsis.