A path that was forged young remains today.



I wanted to post a feel good story about a group of kids. In the area of 1962, based on a best guess from one of the ones in the pictures, 6 friends went to Camp Gundalow.

As you can see the sleeping bags in the picture. The last night of the camp was a sleep over. The people in the picture are Bruce Maby, Andy Lemont, Bruce Morrow, Steve Brake, Ken Lemont and Jeff Thomson.

Fast forward about 52 years. Ken Lemont is the Chairperson of the School Committee and Jeff Thomson is the Chairperson of the Town Council. Kittery kids making a difference. The corporate knowledge that just these two alone have is irreplaceable. However you slice it, their friendship has stood the test of time.

Their commitment to Kittery is evident. Who would have thought 52 years later, the two still side by side do their best for Kittery.

2003-2-21-ken_augusta jeff

It is a nice little piece of history.  Kittery is full of these stories about the past blending into the future. Lets never forget the past as we build our future in Kittery.