School Super say’s “That is a miracle”

The budget was presented to the Kittery School Committee on Tuesday night and it came in at 1.8 %. Superintendent of Schools Allyn Hutton says “That is a miracle.”

Kittery school administrators presented a preliminary fiscal year 2015 budget that adds more than $233,000 in positions and services, and ends in a net increase from the current fiscal year of 1.8 percent. There was a lot of work from administrators and teachers to get the budget to this point.

There was a proposed $100,000 reduction to the special education budget. This includes out-of-district placement, transportation and supplies. It was decided it was not needed because the district teaches most of its special education students in the Kittery schools.

There are other proposed cuts such as the technology account which was supported by the recent sales of old laptop mac books which was roughly 200 and were sold locally. Other reductions included retirement savings, maintenance and equipment.

The administrators are  taking into consideration that the schools will get the same State aid as well as assistance from the U.S. military to aid schools that have military families enrolled.

The budget was prepared by department’s “leadership team” that includes principals as well as others.

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Watch it on Kittery Streaming. Currently the only way to view the meeting. Click this Link