Foreside Groups, Lets get it Going.

moving-forwardOn February 4th, 2014 about 30 people met at the Kittery Town Council Chambers to discuss the Foreside and moving forward. It was clear the general consensus was to get these ideas moving and have support from the Town.

The problem is many people see that progress for these changes seem to last to long and like other things in Kittery, put of for another year. Some felt that sometimes it needs to be looked at a little slower but the Town should still move forward while others wanted to start seeing results and handle some of the small things first.

People have the perception that things are moving forward when they see activity or some sort of progress, such as setting out a few more park benches in the forside.

Residents who were present wanted to make sure the Town would support their efforts if they got together and invested their time. The biggest concern was an inference that was made from the Town that this was going to last over a year and it seemed unacceptable to many of the residents who were present at the meeting.

There were also other concerns raised such as business taking over parking and not having enough housing. This is why these groups are essential to help provide direction.

These groups are being formed and any one can join them. for more information, contact the Town manager Nancy Puff at 207-451-1329.

The Portsmouth herald did a great job on reporting the story and for more information, click on the link.