Kittery Destination Marketing Program “GATEWAY DISTRICT” Meeting

486c102487bf30e332fadf0fa21c38f3Please join with other Property and Business Owner representatives in the Route 1 By-Pass area – Gateway District-to meet again to discuss additional updates about the Sarah Long Bridge and other area construction plans and next steps to increase business and the quality of your business district.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 8am at Kittery Town Hall, Conference Room A, 200 Rogers Road.

Hope you can attend. These are important result oriented meetings.
Please forward this invitation to all others you deem appropriate.
This is the agenda attached for the meeting.

Gateway District agenda 2_01-15-2014


Kittery Destination Marketing Program
Agenda for Route 1 By-Pass (Gateway District) Business and Property Representatives
Meeting 2
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
8:00 AM -10 AM
Kittery Town Hall – Conference Room A

Dan Corcoran, Chair
Tom Emerson, Town Planning Board Chairman
John Carlson, Economic Development Chair
Holy Roberts, Greater York Chamber of Commerce
Gerry Mylroie, AICP, Town Planner

1. Welcome
2. Representatives Introductions
3. Meeting Purpose: Sarah Long Bridge and other Route 1BP Improvements /
Kittery Destination Marketing Program and
Relevance to the Kittery Route 1 By-Pass area /Gateway District – Discussion and Next Steps.
4. Background/Issues/Opportunities
a. Destination Marketing – why? Increase profits, sales, value, quality of place,
b. Scope of products/services – shop, eat, stay, play, …
c. Branding – what? why – clear product identification, recognition, value,…
d. Kittery’s Brand – Historic Kittery – Maine’s First Port -1647.
e. Route 1 By-Pass Area Brand – Gateway District?
1. Context – Historic Kittery – “Maine’s First Port”
2. Context – Customer/Visitor perception?
3. Context – MDOT function; Bridge Construction.
4. Context – Gateway vs. Route 1 By -Pass
5. Context – The real southern gateway to Maine.
f. Discussion / Confirmation
g. Brand Use and Marketing Materials
i. Logo – Historic Kittery Town Seal
ii. Graphics – Freeways signs, Street signs, Maps, etc.
iii. Advertising
iv. Access/Route
v. Other?
h. Other area improvements – Street trees, lighting, etc.?
i. Link with other commercial areas in Kittery! How?
5. Next Steps – another meeting, other?

for more information contact:

Gerald R. Mylroie, AICP
Town Planner / Director of Town Planning and Development
Town of Kittery, Maine
200 Rogers Road
Kittery, Maine 03904
phone – 207-475-1307
fax – 207-439-6806
website –