KCC decides against the Rice Public Library.

Frisbee AnnexThe Kittery Community Center board has voted to retain ownership of the building’s annex. What does this mean for the Rice Public Library’s move?

What Next?
Where can the Library Now Go?


It means the Annex will not be torn down to make way for a new public library. It also means the Library must come up with another plan. Some now suggested the best location for the library would be the downtown area with easy access.

The issues at hand now is that the KCC is heading towards being self-sufficient and the hope is some day in the near future the Community Center can run on a budget that is self-generated. The Annex has viable uses for the KCC.

KCCThe original interest was to move the Rice Public Library to the Annex of the Frisbee School. This area is attached to the Kittery Community Center. However there were issues with the construction and costs associated with remodeling the old annex. Currently the old classrooms, which many were redone when the Community Center moved from old Cole St. location to the Annex, house several rent paying business.

The proposal was to tear down the Annex and build a new library on the site of the old annex. Then with the idea to sell the Rice and Taylor library buildings and apply those proceeds to the new library building. If and when the Rice and Taylor buildings are sold, there will be a lot of interest.

TaylorThe Taylor building which used to be the old Kittery Court House could be used as a building for a restaurant or other type of store to augment the Foreside area.


RiceThere was also interest in the old Rice library if it was sold and what it could become as well. Now, onto the next chapter so don’t put this book down yet. For more information about the Rice Public Library, visit their website at. http://www.rice.lib.me.us/rice/

The Portsmouth Herald did a more detailed story and you can visit it at the link below.

 ExtraExtraPortsmouth Herald Article link



Taylor photo by: Stephanie Parshall