Kittery Destination Marketing Program 1-29-14


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Town of Kittery, Maine
Town Planning Board and Economic Development Committee and
Town Planning and Development Department
200 Rogers Road, Kittery, ME 03904
Telephone: (207) 439-0459 Fax: (207) 439-6806

Kittery Destination Marketing Program
Route 1 By-Pass (Gateway District?) Property and Business Representatives
Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting #3
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
8:00 AM -10 AM
Kittery Town Hall – Conference Room A

1. Welcome
Dan Corcoran, Chair
Tom Emerson, Town Planning Board Chairman
John Carlson, Economic Development Chair
Gerry Mylroie, AICP, Town Planner
2. Representative Introductions
3. Meeting Purpose: Discuss Vision and Agree on Brand Name – Update on Sarah Long Bridge and other Route 1BP Improvements / Kittery Destination Marketing Program and Relevance to the Kittery Route 1 By-Pass area (Gateway District?).
4. Background/Issues/Opportunities (5 minutes for new attendees)
a. Destination Marketing – why? Increase profits, sales, value, quality of place, …
b. Scope of products/services – shop, eat, stay, play, …
c. Branding – what? why – clear product identification, recognition, value,…
d. Kittery’s Brand – Historic Kittery – Maine’s First Port -1647.
e. Route 1 By-Pass Area Brand – Gateway District
1. Context – Historic Kittery – “Maine’s First Port”
2. Context – Customer/Visitor perception?
3. Context – MDOT function; Bridge Construction.
4. Context – Gateway vs. Route 1 By -Pass
5. Context – The real southern gateway to Maine.
f. The Vision for the District – Ideas (30+ minutes) – Comprehensive Plan Update Committee – Vern Gardner- Chair
g. Discussion / Brand Confirmation
h. Brand Use and Marketing Materials
i. Logo – Historic Kittery Town Seal
ii. Graphics – Freeways signs, Street signs, Maps, etc
iii. Advertising
iv. Access/Route
v. Other?
i. Other area improvements – Street trees, lighting, etc.?
j. Link with other commercial areas in Kittery! How?
5. Next Steps – Actions / Next meeting, other?