Subsurface wastewater system ordinance

Kittery’s Shore-land Resource officer, Jessa Kellogg, is working on a proposed ordinance for Subsurface Waste Water Systems. This includes when they should be inspected, such as sales of homes and when they should be pumped. There will be a work shop which is open to the public on January 13th, 2014. I will be posting more as we get there. This ordinance helps protect the seepage to well water locations and the shore-lands.
Recently in searching the shore-lands, it was discovered that there was a signs of bacteria near the back beaches of Fort Foster. This discovery led the team to an old abandoned outhouse. Once this site was cleaned up, the team returned to where the bacteria was originally discovered, found no evidence of bacteria seepage. This was very interesting. Kittery has over 5 thousand homes with half being on their own septic tank systems. Many towns have ordinances. These protections help all of us and the environment. Stay informed.

for more information on Subsurface Wastewater Systems, visit this link.