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In order to fully understand both sides, please read the Portsmouth Herald Article first then Sam Reid’s response.

the link to read Alax LaCasse’s article on the Town Council Meeting.

Town manager says WILSSA won’t be billed for Kittery’s time

KITTERY, Maine — Town Manager Kendra Amaral on Monday told the Town Council the Wood Island Life Saving Station Association would not be billed for town staff’s time spent discussing the project with members of the organization.

Councilor Jeffrey Thomson asked Amaral during the Oct. 11 council meeting to look into whether WILSSA would be billed for time town staff spends its reviewing plans.

Thomson said he was concerned because members of the nonprofit WILSSA and the councilors who voted in favor of the 2016 maintenance agreement said the project would be completed at no cost to Kittery. Thomson contends the town is losing money on the project because permit fees were waved for WILSSA in the contract. WILSSA plans to open a maritime museum in the station by the summer of 2019.

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In response to Councilor Thomson’s public concerns, this letter was published in the Portsmouth Herald and provided to me.

Wood Island restoration unwelcome news to Council’s Thompson

Letter to the editor.

It is hard to understand why Kittery Town Council member Jeff Thompson has raised an issue regarding the cost of the Town Manager’s time with the restoration of Wood Island Life Saving Station during the past two Council meetings.

But it is part of a long-term pattern of opposition of some on Council to the restoration of this wonderful part of our heritage. Mr. Thompson and Ms. Judy Spiller have led the, thankfully, unsuccessful opposition from Town Council consistently voting against the Station’s restoration over a period of years.

Mr. Thompson has wondered why a project that is supposed to be “at no cost to the Town” has created some minor staff costs since the Town Manager needs to participate in decisions from time to time regarding a property that continues to be owned by the Town of Kittery. Mr. Thompson would like to send the Wood Island Life Saving Station Association (WILSSA), the charity restoring the property for the benefit of the people of Kittery, a bill for any part of the Manager’s time spent on Wood Island Station.

The contracts that govern the project, and were approved by Council, are entirely clear that WILSSA will pay for all capital improvements and maintenance of the historic building. To date that figure totals more than $1.2 million. The result is a wonderfully restored exterior of the Station that is now the pride of Kittery. WILSSA plans to fully restore the interior of the Station and open it to the public as a maritime museum, hopefully in the next few short years.

The contracts are also clear that Kittery will not create or pass along any new fees or costs regarding Wood Island to WILSSA. This too was approved by Town Council after extensive public and Council review and negotiation. Mr. Thompson and Ms. Spiller, however, voted against those contracts.

What WILSSA is doing with the massive investment and restoration of Wood Island Station is not only exceptional historic preservation but they are also creating a new business. Part of the Town Manager’s job is to assist new businesses and welcome investors in our community. Manager Kendra Amaral has correctly informed Mr. Thompson that there will be no billing of WILSSA for her time.


When any new business comes to Kittery, let’s hope that they receive a far warmer welcome from all of the members of Kittery Town Council than WILSSA has received from Mr. Thompson and Ms. Spiller. The results at Wood Island are celebrated and appreciated by so many in our community. WILSSA has created dozens of new jobs, the environment has been cleaned of tons of hazardous waste, and our heritage will be celebrated in the new maritime museum. That is an excellent result for the tax payers and visitors to Kittery alike. It is a shame that Mr. Thompson is so unwelcoming to this great news.

Sam Reid

Kittery Point, Maine



Register to vote in Kittery


KITTERY, Maine — The Voter Registrar’s office will be open Wednesday, Nov. 1 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Municipal Office at 200 Rogers Road, for voter registration, name, address corrections and absentee voting.

Please bring proof of identity and residency if registering to vote. The last day to request an absentee ballot is Thursday, Nov. 2 until 6 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s office. The state referendum and municipal election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Kittery Community Center Gymnasium, 120 Rogers Road.

CAUGHT! Stealing or Tampering with Election Signs is a crime in Maine.

Be advised that stealing or tampering with a political sign is a crime in Maine.

Over the past two weeks someone stole three of Ken Lemont’s signs from the Kittery transfer station road and one of Dennis Estes signs was run over. Throughout the week someone drove over Lemont’s signs flattening them out. They also did the same to a yellow library sign. A person in a truck was seen doing it while vaping an electronic cigarette.

On Saturday night Oct 21st, and Sunday Oct 22nd and after 7, a woman pulled Ken Lemont’s and Dennis Estes signs out or the ground and tossed them in the grass. All while her male companion and dog looked on. This was across from Stimson St. on Government St.

Signs for Lemont and Estes were removed from a home on Cook St. as well as other locations throughout Kittery and Kittery Point. A social media person writes to a post about Ken’s Signs, ”  I saw a woman take one down on Gerrish island as u come across the bridge… was a woman about 60.. running away from group of signs holding one.. around 630am… pathetic”

The Maine Attorney General’s Office and Maine State Police have been contacted and consulted in this matter.

Tampering with campaign signs is not new. Other signs such as the library signs are not immune. This past election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump signs were being taken or vandalized and it was a constant complaint for police.

If you see someone stealing or tampering with a POLITICAL SIGN, get their license plate number or a description and take a picture with your smart phone then report it no matter who you side with. Please call the Kittery Police Department if you see this type of crime by calling 207-439-1638.

When I originally posted this, the couple was unknown. It is now possible they have been tentatively identified and it was reported to the Kittery Police Department.




 1917-B. Unlawful removal of temporary signs

A person who takes, defaces or disturbs a sign placed within the public right-of-way in accordance with section 1913-A, subsection 1, paragraph L commits a civil violation for which a fine of up to $250 may be adjudged. This section does not apply to a person authorized to remove signs placed within the public right-of-way in accordance with section 1913-A, subsection 1, paragraph L. [2015, c. 403, §6

353. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer

  1.   A person is guilty of theft if:
  2. The person obtains or exercises unauthorized control over the property of another with intent to deprive the other person of the property. Violation of this paragraph is a Class E crime; [2005, c. 199, §4 (AMD).]

806. Criminal mischief

  1.   A person is guilty of criminal mischief if that person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly:
  2. Damages or destroys the property of another, having no reasonable grounds to believe that the person has a right to do so; damages or destroys property to enable any person to collect insurance proceeds for the loss caused; or tampers with the property of another, having no reasonable grounds to believe that the person has the right to do so, and thereby impairs the use of that property; [1991, c. 824, Pt. D, §3 (RPR).]

Wood Island Update. October 21, 2017

Thanks to all those who supported this adventure. You earned it.

THIS FROM THAT, BEFORE AND AFTER a Phoenix from the Ashes.

THANK YOU WILSSA and SAM REID and all the VOLUNTEERS. Especially the Town Council Chairperson Gary Beers, Ken Lemont, Russell White and me, Chuck Denault and Town Manager Kendra Amaral and the citizens who supported preserving it.






































New Sarah Long Bridge center span to be floated into place

PORTSMOUTH — The 4 million-pound center lift span for a new Sara Mildred Long Bridge is scheduled to be floated up the Piscataqua River Wednesday morning, then set in place with the rising tide.

The float-in will be a final step toward completion of the new bridge, which will move traffic over the river on the Route 1 Bypass.

After 76 years of use, the former bridge was closed in August 2016 due to mechanical failure and the cited high cost to repair it amid construction of a replacement bridge. At the time of the closure, New Hampshire Department of Transportation officials said 14,000 vehicles crossed the red-listed bridge daily.

Maritime traffic on the river, within a 300-yard radius of the bridge, has been closed this week in preparation for the float-in.


read the full story here at the Portsmouth Herald.

3 library options to go before Kittery voters

Become informed before you vote.

KITTERY, Maine – Nearly two-dozen residents turned out to listen to an informational session from the town’s Rice Library Working Group on the possible Rice Library location options that will appear in a non-binding referendum question.

The non-binding referendum question will be on the town’s Nov. 7 ballot with three library options for voters to decide on, which include building an addition and renovating the existing Rice building to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), building a new library on the grounds of the Kittery Community Center along Rogers Road or leaving the current status quo with the library spread across the Rice and Taylor buildings.

Neither building is currently ADA compliant.

See the full article for more information. Click here.


Kittery Fuel and More Event OCT 22, 2017

Foreside for Fuel –

A Benefit to Help Keep Kittery Stay Warm – Sunday, October 224 p.m. to 8 p.m.

More than 20 local restaurants and businesses will be contributing food for a major fundraising event at the Black Birch and Buoy Gallery located at 2 Government Street in Kittery.

Foreside for Fuel is organized by Kittery Fuel & More, a non-profit all volunteer organization, that helps Kittery residents who are having trouble paying for heat but don’t qualify for town assistance.  Since 2005, Fuel & More has provided fuel assistance to hundreds of families.

In addition to great food prepared by locally recognized chefs, trumpeter/composer Chris Klaxton and singer Taylor O’Donnell will be performing.   Foreside for Fuel tickets can be purchased online at Fuel & More’s website (https://www.fuelandmore.org/) and at the Kittery Community Center, 120 Rogers Road, Kittery.

Kittery Council Candidates night.











Pictured here are candidates Matt Brock, Dennis Estes, Ken Lemont and Judy Spiller

KITTERY, Maine – The four candidates vying for the two open seats on Town Council were front and center for candidates’ night on Wednesday and discussed a whole host of topics affecting Kittery with Traip Academy students ahead of the Nov. 7 election.

To read more about this story, click here to visit the Portsmouth Herald or watch it on Kittery Channel 22 or at Townhallstreams.com. See the below link.



Candidates Night Tonight in Kittery

It is that time to do your home work. Tonight in the Town Council Chambers are the candidates for School Committee and Kittery Town Council. Be there or watch it on Channel 22





6:05-7:00 Town Council Candidates

• Dennis Estes

• Kenneth Lemont

• Judith Spiller

• Matthew Brock

7:15-8:30 School Committee Candidates

• Nicholas Chalupa

• Danielle Hoffman

• Suzanne Sayer




Cianbro faces fines for Sarah Long Bridge delay

PORTSMOUTH — The float-in and installation of the draw portion of the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge has been delayed until mid-October and will come at a cost to general contractor, the Cianbro Corporation.

Maine Department of Transportation senior engineer Ron Taylor said due to tidal patterns the next available window to install the lift would be starting on Oct. 3 but added on the current schedule, it would “unlikely” be ready for the third. He said the next available date for installation to begin would be Oct. 17 and would close Portsmouth Harbor for tidal navigation for more than a week.

“We don’t think this will delay our schedule,” Taylor said. “Right now, our goal is to have the bridge open for vehicular traffic on Nov. 10.”

by Alex LaCasse

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