Harbor Freight issues recall on Jack Stands.

Since this has to do with safety and the Harbor Freight just opened in Portsmouth, some people including Kittery Residents may have bought these or received them as gifts. I felt it necessary to post it.

If you’ve got a set of Harbor Freight jack stands somewhere in your garage, stop using them immediately because many of them have just been recalled over pawls that could “disengage from the extension lifting post” under a shift in weight, causing them to suddenly collapse. We feel like this shouldn’t have to be said but we’ll say it anyway: bad jack stands that could suddenly fall are extremely dangerous and being underneath a car supported by one could very easily result in serious injury or death.

According to Harbor Freight, the recall applies to three-ton and six-ton heavy-duty steel jack stands with item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. The number on the three-ton units can be found on the label at the top while the six-ton stands have their numbers printed in the yellow section of the label found on the base.

Based on the NHTSA filing, the recall applies to a total of 454,000 jack stands made between 2013 and 2019 and the issue is apparently blamed on old tooling used by the factory. Naturally, affected stands that have yet to be sold have already been removed from Harbor Freight’s inventory.

If you actually own one of these stands, you can bring them to your a Harbor Freight Tools location where they can be exchanged for a gift card equal to the “shelf price” of the stands in question. Whether or not you own a set of Harbor Freight jack stands (or even know what a jack stand is), consider spreading the news to somebody who you think might be using these. This may sound melodramatic, but it might just be the difference between life and death.

So it starts, Kittery is coming back.


The limited access will begin Saturday, with the gate open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitors must have a current or last year’s Kittery Resource Recovery Facility sticker or show proof of town residency to access Fort Foster.

A maximum of 90 cars will be permitted at a time, a gate attendant will man the entry, and face masks are recommended for all visitors, the town states.

for more information, visit the Towns website http://www.kitteryme.gov/home/news/town-kittery-covid-19-information-closures-updated-may-7-2020

Town Hall Reopening Update – May, 7, 2020
The Kittery Town Hall will reopen for limited services beginning Monday, May 11. The Customer Service counter will be open during regular business hours, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, to process vehicle registrations, boat registrations, marriage licenses, issue KRRF stickers, and Fort Foster passes.

Customers will be required to wear a face mask and follow social distancing protocols while at Town Hall.
To avoid the lines and stay contact-free, many Town Hall services and resources can be accessed online, as well as via email or phone.
Town Hall

Contacting Staff: Municipal staff are checking their emails and returning phone messages in a timely manner. If the information you need cannot be found on our website at www.kitteryme.gov, please contact our staff for more information. A full phone/email directory can be found at www.kitteryme.gov/staffdirectory.

Tax/Sewer Payments: The new online payment system offers many new features that will make paying and viewing your personal property/real estate tax bills and sewer bills more convenient and helpful! To access the new system, please visit www.kitteryme.gov/onlinepayments. For additional questions about real estate taxes, please contact Tax Collector, Pauline Brewster at 207-475-1316 or pbrewster@kitteryme.org.
For additional questions about personal property taxes, please contact the Assessing office at 207-475- 1306 or assessing@kitteryme.org.

For more information on sewer billing, please contact Sewer Bookkeeper, Jaelynn Gerald at 207-475- 1314 or jgerald@kitteryme.org.
Town Clerk’s Office

Vehicle Registrations: If you have previously registered your car, you can reregister online by visiting: https://www1.maine.gov/online/bmv/rapid-renewal/.
If you need to register a vehicle purchased from a dealership, the Town Clerk’s office is now processing registrations by mail. To use this service, complete the New Vehicle Registration form and mail it to Town Hall. The form can be found by visiting: http://www.kitteryme.gov/town-clerk. The Town Clerk’s Office will confirm receipt of each request by phone or email and communicate with the applicant regarding applicable fees.

Resource Recovery Facility (Dump) Stickers: Resource Recovery Facility stickers can now be applied for using our online permitting system. To request a sticker, please visit: http://www.kitteryme.gov/home/pages/online-services.
Fort Foster Passes: Fort Foster passes can now be purchased online using our online permitting system. Please note that Fort Foster is currently closed to pass holders due to state guidelines related to COVID- 19. The Town anticipates reopening Fort Foster to passholder and day visitors when it’s safe to do so, in accordance with State guidelines. To purchase a Fort Foster pass, please visit: http://www.kitteryme.gov/home/pages/online-services.

Voting: The state primary election and the local secret ballot Town Meeting have been postponed to July 14, 2020. Residents may complete an absentee ballot request by visiting: www.kitteryme.gov/elections and following the link listed under “Absentee Voting Information”.
Residents looking to register to vote can do so by completing the Maine Voter Registration Application and mailing it to the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall. The application can be found under “Other Resources” located at: www.kitteryme.gov/elections.

Planning/Building Permits: The town is still accepting and reviewing permit applications via our online permitting system which can be accessed at www.kitteryme.gov/code-enforcement. All in-person and on-site inspections have been suspended until further notice. As some construction must continue, work may be inspected via photos, video or a third-party inspector, depending on the size and complexity of the project. For further details, please contact Code Enforcement Officer, Craig Alfis at 207-475-1308 or CEO@kitteryme.org.

The Planning Board and Board of Appeals are making decisions about holding meetings on a case-by- case basis. For questions related to the Planning Board, please contact Town Planner, Bart McDonough at 207-475-1323 or bmcdonough@kitteryme.org. For questions related to the Board of Appeals, please contact Code Enforcement Officer, Craig Alfis at 20-475-1308 or CEO@kitteryme.org.
Physical plans can also be dropped off by making an appointment with Planning Office Staff. To make an
appointment for drop-off, please contact the Planning Office at 207-475-1304.

Moorings/Boat Registrations: Mooring renewals and boat registrations can be completed online, by visiting: www.kitteryme.gov/harbormaster/permits.

Reservations are required for Pepperrell Cove transient slips and tie ups. To make a reservation, please contact Harbormaster Staff via 207-332-2656 or Marine Frequency 16.

Library Cards: To request a library card, please email the Rice Public Library staff at
Reserving Books: Beginning Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the library will have books available for pick-up from the Rice Public Library Collection. Patrons are asked to schedule a pick-up time with Library Staff by contacting 207-439-1553 ext. 2 or arabella@rice.lib.me.us. Book pick-ups will take place at the window located at the Taylor Building rear door. All books can be returned in the book drops located at both buildings.
Online Material: The Rice Public Library has a variety of materials available online, including author story times, e-books/audiobooks, online education courses and more. To view the library’s available online material, please visit http://rice.lib.me.us/athome.asp.

Free lunch in Kittery

Free meals for ALL children under 18. No requirements. We would like to clear up some misinformation. Meals are for anyone and it doesn’t take away from others if you take one. Also, it helps our program financially, as we receive subsidy from the USDA for each meal we hand out. Our program is currently serving half the amount of meals we do during the school year. Letting us help you, helps us! No sign up required. Just come to either Shapleigh School from 11-12:30 or Woodland Commons from 11-12:00. THANK YOU!!!!

Coronavirus and Pets


Until we know more about how the coronavirus impacts animals, social distancing guidelines are now being recommended for family pets in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday.

Those guidelines include having pet owners take precautions to treat their companions like “family members” during the pandemic, and not let them interact with people or other animals outside the household.

“Social distancing applies to your pets too,” said Veterinary Specialist Dr. Melissa Salgado, according to ABC News. “They are at risk of developing this disease so it’s best to err on the side of caution.”


The agency recommends walking dogs on a leash at least six feet from other people or animals and keeping cats indoors when possible to prevent them from interacting with other people.

If you’re sick with COVID-19 or suspected to have the virus the CDC says to limit contact with pets and other animals, “just like you would around other people.”

The new guidelines come after the agency announced two pet cats in the U.S. had become infected with the virus last week, although officials told the news organization there is no need to send your pet away if you become sick.

“Avoid contact with your pet, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food or bedding,” the CDC said.


If infected or suspected to have the virus, the best practice is to have another member of the household take care of your pet, according to the agency. If that’s not possible, you should wear a cloth face covering and wash your hands before and after interacting with them.

Dog parks or other public places where animals or people may gather should also be avoided.

Routine testing of animals is not recommended at this time, the CDC said, adding that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will post findings should other animals test positive for the virus in the U.S.

Even with the new recommendations, the agency said there is no evidence pets play a role in spreading the virus in the U.S.


“Further studies are needed to understand if and how different animals, including pets, could be affected,” the CDC added.

Kittery’s DONALD HANDS running for House 2020


My name is Donald Hands and I am running for the Maine legislature district one as an independent candidate which represents most of Kittery and Kittery Point. We as a nation and as a community are facing unprecedented times. Protection from the COVID 19 virus is essential.

As a result of this precautions, I will not be going ‘door to door’ for support until it is safe to do so. While I look forward to meeting you face to face – that will have to wait for another day.

I currently serve as a board member of the Kittery Celebration Committee and the Oak Grove Cemetery Association.  As a retired Portsmouth Naval Shipyard worker and past board member of the Seacoast Shipyard Association; (SSA)

I support and know the importance of the shipyard to our local economy. Many of you know that I volunteer for multiple charities and groups and provide lectures at the Star Theater. I have proven for years that I am committed to this community and Kittery’s history.

As a Veteran and past American Legion post commander – I am a staunch advocate for veterans.  I served the American Federation of Government Employees for over a decade as a Chief Steward and realize the importance of labor and management working together.

I have a Master’s degree in Organization Development which I earned as a non- traditional student. I see the importance of providing educational opportunities to all. I will work with the State of Maine to increase school funding as it should never have been touched.

I am running as a clean elections candidate and not accepting special interest moneys. I am counting on us as a united people to be part of this campaign.

I would appreciate your support and ask that you please donate $5.00 to my campaign either in cash or by check made out to MAINE CLEAN ELECTION FUND (MCEF) and call me at 1-(207)-703-2727. Another option is to donate $5.00 to the Maine Clean Elections fund which will help fund this campaign. The website is:

https://maine.gov/cleanelections and click on the green contribute tab.

I would like to thank you for your support and please be safe.

Donald G. Hands
PO Box 604, Kittery, ME 03904-0604
District 1 House Candidate

for more information: https://www.mainecampaignfinance.com/#/exploreDetails/363670/11/36/33/2020

OURKITTERY NOTE: Any candidate is welcome to have a post on ourkittery.

Beach Pea Baking Company to Pause for the cause.

To our valued customers and community,

It is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to “Pause for the Cause”. As of ‪Sunday, March 29th‬, we will be closed for two weeks.
Although we are deemed an essential business and have been complying with CDC guidelines, we feel that it is the best decision not only for our staff but also for our community.
We will be pausing operations for a couple weeks to implement the best business practices moving forward. With all this uncertainty and constant change, we want to prioritize our staff’s mental and physical well-being and the sanitation of our facility.
We plan to reopen with a safe and appropriate order/pickup system, designed to cut down on person-to-person contact, ‪on Monday, April 13th.‬
Keep an eye on our socials for updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time and we look forward to getting things back to normal.

Mariah & Thomas Roberts
Beach Pea Baking Co.
‪53 State Rd.‬
‪Kittery, ME 03904‬


Retired Kittery Police Detective Sergeant Ronald E. Avery passes

Ronald E. Avery Sr.

September 17, 1952 ~ March 16, 2020 (age 67)

Obituary & Services Tribute Wall


Ronald Edward Avery, Sr., a lifelong resident of York, Maine passed away on March 16, 2020 after a courageous five year battle with brain cancer. He died peacefully at home, in the company of his loving wife and four sons.
Ron was born on September 17, 1952 to Clarence and Sarah Avery. A member of York High School’s class of 1970, he also graduated with a degree in criminal justice from the University of Maine in 1974. That same year, he married the love of his life, whom he had met in the seventh grade, Wanda-Lee Butler. 

A graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s training academy in Quantico, Virginia, Ron served as a law enforcement officer for nearly four decades. He was the first juvenile aide officer in Kittery, Maine. He also served as Chief Deputy for the York County Sheriff’s Department and retired as Sergeant of Detectives in Kittery. 

He was a devoted New England sports fan, particularly the Boston Celtics. The week prior to Ron’s passing, the NBA suspended the Celtics season. Ron found it humorous when his family jokingly told him that the Celtics had stopped their season in his honor. Despite being an avid Celtics fan, there were no athletes more important to watch than his grandchildren.  
Ron was predeceased by his parents, Clarence and Sarah and four older siblings: Jill Hamm, Shirley Hendley, Kenneth Avery, and Gerald Avery.

He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Wanda Avery and their four sons: Ronald Avery, Jr., his wife Elizabeth and their children Lincoln, Daphne, and Tobin; Brandon Avery, his wife Johnna and their children Nya and Ronin; Ryan Avery, his children Myles and Della and their mother Melissa; Ryan’s girlfriend Rebekah and her children Tatum and Eli; and Jared Avery, his wife Angela and their children Owen, Addisyn, and Quinn. 

Due to the current restrictions on large gatherings from the CDC, a private service will be held with the family at the First Parish Cemetery in York, Maine.  A public memorial service will be held at a date and time to be announced later this spring. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to be sent to the National Brain Tumor Society at www.braintumor.org.

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Ronald E. Avery, please visit our floral store.

Councilor Lemont will be pulling Wood Island Pier Funding proposal

I am writing to inform you as your Town Councilor, that after much thought and deliberation I will be moving to withdraw the public hearing for funding for a proposed pier at Wood Island.

Unfortunately, there aren’t the votes of the Council to put this to a vote of the people.  The negative phone calls, emails, and texts seem to have nothing to do with the proposal and adds no value to public debate.

I apologize that we as a community were unable to have a civil conversation about public funding for this incredible project.  At this time the withdrawing of the public hearing is best for our community.

I remain so impressed with the outstanding job that WILSSA has done and will do.  I have every  confidence that WILSSA will complete this outstanding project, the Jewel of the Harbor.

Thank you,

Ken Lemont

A letter From Wood Island Association
Why WILSSA Exists: And Thank You Ken
The reason that this charity was founded was to help Kittery.

There was a serious problem at Wood Island.  The old life saving station needed to be demolished as it was in dangerous disrepair.  WILSSA formed to help the Town not have to demolish this lovely and historic place.  And that is what we have done.

Now it is time to take the last steps to finish the interior spaces and build a pier.  That will allow the public to enjoy Wood Island.  

The agreement between the Town and WILSSA said there would be no public funding for any portion of the project.  It also said that if the parties agreed, amendments to the agreement were acceptable.

So, when Town Council member Lemont proposed public funding for the pier, the question became; should there be an amendment to the agreement?  The best way to learn that would be a vote of all of the people of Kittery.

There has been a vocal group of folks who don’t want to have public funding for a pier.  That is fine.  That is exactly why having a vote makes sense.  There are also many people who are eager to have that vote to support the idea of some public funding.  That is what democracy is all about.

But, sadly, many of the things that have been written on Facebook, in emails to Council, etc are just untrue.  What is more, even when given the correct information some people have continued to repeat the falsehoods.  

To take a few examples, some are saying that the island is closed to the public – and even that the new sea walls now prevent people from landing their kayaks!  In fact, the island is a public park and will always be open to the public.  The new sea walls replaced the 1908 sea walls, same exact location, just 30 inches taller.  Kayakers are welcomed.

But the most frequent falsehood has been that Ken Lemont has betrayed the agreement, or acted in an underhanded way.  This is quite literally the opposite to the facts.  Hosting a public hearing to discuss an amendment to the agreement is no betrayal.  If the Council had agreed to put the funding on the ballot in June, everyone would have been able to vote before any funds were spent.

Ken’s letter describes that the misinformation was so bad and so plentiful that is was clear Council was not going to move ahead on Monday night with a ballot item.  He decided that it was best to cancel the hearing rather than make matters worse.  It is a sad situation when we can’t get together and discuss ideas without personal attacks and misinformation.

WILSSA was founded to help Kittery.  We have done so in remarkable fashion.  For this funding idea to cause problems in our Town is the last thing that WILSSA wants.  We are about bringing people together, not creating division.

We thank Ken Lemont for proposing public funding for the pier.



In order to address the misinformation that some our circulating in the community, Jeff Thomson has announced that, if elected, at his first KWD Trustee meeting on Thursday morning he will make the following motion:

from: Jeff Thomson

“On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the KWD Board of Trustees re-affirms the Trustee vote of June 13, 2019 that chloramines will NOT be introduced as a treatment to Kittery drinking water now or in the future”.