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Re-Elect Charles Denault to the Town Council

ELECTION of 20132Over the last three years, I believe I have proven that I do what is right. I delivered to politics honesty and transparency.

I have stood for the citizens and doing what is fair. I believe in keeping the public informed and bringing to the forefront the successes and failures of Town Government.

I believe the people have that right and to ensure they know what is going on. I believe in doing what is right for the Town.

I watch closely the relationships with special interests and Town boards. I work to select the best candidates and ones who are willing to get the job done without special or hidden agendas and choose the ones that  are sincere.vote3

I worked on smart spending and questioni questionable practices. I worked with a council that kept the tax rate from climbing and for every citizen of Kittery, even the ones who did not support me.

I support progressive changes to the KPA to ensure a successful port. I also support those who strive to do their best.  I fought for our teachers to ensure they finally got better raises

I also fought for Ifree Fort Foster Passes for the teachers as a small token for serving our children.

I fought for Injury Insurance for our Fire Fighters and to see that their pay was finally addressed. I supported the Fire and Police Chief to get better radio communications and their efforts to have an ambulance in Town.

I was not afraid to vote against special interest issues such as, certain questionable non-profits, Adult books stores, unnecessary spending and the way it was always done mentality.

I am not your usual politician for I deliver on campaign promises, work hard, ask the questions you want answers for and above all I represent KITTERY.

Over 5000 voters will be voting for a president this November 8th, 2016, sadly only about 1000 will vote for the Municipal and School candidates.  Kittery is as important as the national election, for you, for out kids, for our seniors and most of all for the Love of Kittery.

This is OUR KITTERY and I am asking for your support to be re-elected to the Kittery Town Council.