Charles Denault

Kittery Town Council 2021 candidate’s questionnaire

Name: Charles Denault Jr.
Age: 61
Address: 11 Melanies Court Kittery, Maine 03904
Occupation: AACS/CCTV Systems Manager Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Retired Sergeant of the Kittery Police Department
Education: Traip Academy Graduate, Maine Criminal Justice Academy
Civic experience: 7 Years Town Council, 3 years Vice Chair, Santa Claus, Sports Boosters,
Orchard Grove Cemetery Trustee, Boy Scouts and Recycling Committee.
Campaign website:
Favorite movie, book or television show: NCIS

What would be your top three priorities as a town councilor?
• Lowering the tax burden by using smart spending techniques and upcycling measures.
• Reducing the carbon footprint and saving energy by developing a Town test program
to challenge taxpayers to cut their household energy and carbon footprint by a
designated percentage. Reward them with a property tax credit based on a
proven reduction, such as comparing an electric bill from the previous year to a
current electric bill submitted at the end of a one-year test period. Multiple benefits
are realized: proven measurable results, reduction in home energy costs
and citizens become aware that they can personally control their own footprint, thereby
paving the way for future generations.

• Finish the installation of sidewalks to protect our walkers and students especially in the School Districts. End the so-called “sidewalks to nowhere.” The completion of the
sidewalk project has been unacceptable.

What should the town do to address issues related to the coronavirus pandemic?
• I think Kittery did a great job with the current pandemic. We have learned a lot from
this and the science is evolving every day.
• Continue to support CDC and DHS guidelines. Assess impacts to municipal
operations, schools, businesses and resident quality of life by seeking viable

How would you promote civic engagement among residents?
• Promote and sponsor volunteer groups, and/or collective actions, designed to identify and address issues of public concern.
We as a Town should promote and expand civic engagement for older adults as well as our youth. All ideas have a purpose and no idea should be dismissed.

Do you have concerns about taxes in Kittery? How would you address them? Please cite specific actions.

Kittery has realized before the high tax rates and have tried many things to slow it and curb it. As an example, in 1987, the TAX CAP group came into being by concerned
individuals. They sent a message that “enough was enough.” As with everything, it has it pros and cons. This set a ceiling on the taxes that the Town Manager had to manage within.
• We have moved to 100 percent evaluations and to annual re-evaluations and our
assessments are increasing. We increase our tax base and our mil rate drops
however, the assessments rise dramatically. We still continue to see an increase in our
tax bill. As the revenue increases, we continue to spend and raise taxes.
• My simple questions are: Why do we have to spend the increase since we have more
money, and why can’t we lower the mil rate and pass on the increased revenues back
to the taxpayers? We can institute an upcycle program and share purchases?
• Spending freezes work. Having a committee of residents develop a strategy to
lower taxes would be a huge step. Accountability, audits and beneficial suggestions
from employees can bring notable benefits. The employees know where the waste is.
• We need to stop giving our property away and sell it for fair market value. For instance, the Wentworth Dennett School was sold far below market value. I do not want the Town of Kittery to continue to make mistakes of this caliber. We are about to do it again.
• Work Force Housing is a hot topic. Property taxes add to the amount of money the
landlords must charge in rent in order to pay their mortgage and higher taxes. Keeping the
tax rate low brings more businesses, creates more accessibility to affordable housing and helps all residents.

Retail marijuana shops are coming to Kittery. Are you satisfied with the process and regulations in place?
• Maine and Kittery voters have spoken. We are obliged to do what the
voters want.

• Towns throughout Maine have been tackling the problem and some have found solutions.
What works in some places may not work in others. Retail Marijuana is coming and we
should seek the benefits of having the business and increase revenue in Town. Kittery can make money from licenses, permits, inspections, re-application fees etc.
• Kittery needs to work with our neighboring towns to explore ways to increase sales tax
from retail marijuana establishments.
• I am not satisfied with the restrictive ordinance process that took place. I believe it may be guided by those who want to derail it, those that might have a personal bias against it, or those that might have a conflict of interest with their own business. Current medical marijuana establishments currently have restrictions that are required to be reviewed and enforced. The concerns of traffic problems, crime and other issues that were raised as we embarked on the business of marijuana in Kittery, have not materialized.
Regardless of personal views, the voters of Kittery approved this venue and it is important that we treat them as we do other viable businesses in Kittery.

These businesses are doing great and have not caused any issues when properly placed in commercial areas. I oppose residential locations and believe the process of the planning board and board of appeals need to be strict on these popup locations. It needs to be fair and we need to embrace the will of the voters no matter if we disagree.

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My Commercial

Re-Elect Charles Denault to the Town Council

ELECTION of 20132Over the last seven years, I believe I have proven that I do what is right. I delivered to Kittery politics honesty, Integrity, commitment and transparency.

I have stood for the citizens and for doing what is fair and right. I believe in keeping the public informed and bringing to the forefront the successes and failures of Town Government.

I believe the people have that right and we need to ensure they know what is going on.

I watch closely the relationships with Town boards and citizen interactions. I work with other Councilors to select the best candidates and those who are willing to get the job done making sure there is no hidden agendas.vote3

I worked on smart spending and questioned questionable practices. I worked with a council that kept the tax rate from climbing and for every citizen of Kittery, even the ones who did not support me.

I supported changes to the KPA to ensure a successful operation of our port. I am outspoken to the lack of fairness for our teachers and shared my opinions to ensure they finally got better raises

I sponsored free Fort Foster Passes for the teachers as a small token for serving our children.

I supported Councilor Ken Lemont’s Senior Citizen circuit breaker program when other showed a lack of support. This circuit breaker contributes over two thousand dollars to help our Seniors pay their taxes.

I fought for Injury Insurance for our Fire Fighters and to see that their pay was finally addressed. I supported the Fire and Police Chief to get better radio communications and their efforts to have an ambulance in Town. and housed at the Fire Station to reduce costs. I believe in the limited full time fire department to augment out volunteers.

I was not afraid to vote against special interest issues such as, questionable non-profits, adult books stores, unnecessary spending and the I oppose the thought process of “it was always done that way” mentality.

I am not your usual politician for I deliver on campaign promises, work hard, ask the questions you want answers for and above all I represent every person in KITTERY.

I will always put Kittery before myself even if it is controversial. Citizens should never be blind sided. This is OUR KITTERY and I am asking for your support to be re-elected to the Kittery Town Council.

My Achievments

Sponsored and initiated LED street light conversion whcih saves the town over $8000.00 per month in fees.
Supported climate and environmental Issues.
I am a channel 22 advocate and volunteer, ie special events, school talent shows, basket balls games.
Committee member of the New Library Building, Recycle Scholarship, CIP and the EDC.
i was the Vice Chairman of the Town Council for 3 years elected by my peers.
Pushed for and obtained Flashing LED speed limit signs and deployment.
Worked on restoring our ponds, private and public.
Supported Kittery Businesses and Fishermen issues.
Supported the Ken Lemont’s -Senior Citizen Circuit Breaker Program. Essentially reducing the property taxes of those who are over 70 by over two thousand dollars or more.
Public Safety Advocate/ Initiated insurance for our firefighters and for increasing Fire Department staff and working towards a limited full time fire department.
Openly supported fair pay for teachers.
Fort Foster passes teachers
Donated portions of Town Council salary to local fund raisers, people in need, Traip Robotics etc.
Initiated transparency with Fire and Police Logs online
Worked for better housing, ADA and renter issues.
Successfully re-instituted the Kittery Energy Committee
Animal Advocate for the humane treatment of animals and ordinances that protect them.
Supported the 168 home owners on the Sewer Abatement Relief issue and help relieve sewer overcharging.
Pushed for lower taxes. The spending needs to stop.
Holding the line of the budget while providing essential services and pushing for smart spending.
Personal shoreline advocate.
Represented Kittery Citizens in Augusta, Maine.
Kittery Freebie Barn supporter-recycling does save money and the environment. It has reduced the impact of refuse being placed in the landfills by over 70 tons. Why isn’t open now.  BRING BACK THE FREEBIE BARN and TAKE THE POLITICS OUT OF IT.
Supporter of WOOD ISLAND Restoration-Maritime Museum.
Evolution of Work Force Housing .
Supporter of the Thresher Memorial Project.
I will always put Kittery before myself and I am not afraid to raise issues and I will stand by you and for you.
Worked on and supported the York County Public Works Mutual Aid agreement.
Port Authority Charter. Amendment Proposal and piers.
John Paul Jones Park acquisition..
I am always available to help with any citizens issues.

Above all, I return your CALLS.