Kittery business park moratorium to expire. OH NO!

What the Town like a hawk.

I know first hand how they operate.

  1. Surprise.
  2. Oh it was posted on the Town website
  3. We only notified the abutters,
  4. What wet land
  5. No one spoke against it when we had the meeting last night, the list goes on and on.

an excerpt:

KITTERY, Maine — A nearly year-long, town-ordered halt on development in one area of town will soon expire. Officials are still evaluating the future of the land in question and how it should be zoned.

After community outcry against a proposed 900-unit residential and commercial development on Dennett Road and Route 236, the Town Council held a special meeting last summer to amend zoning rules and block the project, called Dennett Landing, from advancing before the Kittery Planning Board. A petition, created by former town councilor Charles Denault, called for the then-mixed-use neighborhood zone, to be replaced with its prior designation, the business park zone, which the council agreed to last July. 


We the people (citizens) stopped and banned CASINOS so we can change the charter again. I am up for the challenge.

Keep in mind the Town Manager lives in Massachusetts but we live here in Kittery.

According to my fresh sources, the developer is planning something. Don’t be surprised if the Council or planning board circumvents the partition that over 650 people signed. Grant it something should go there, but the one eyesore that has risen there is enough.

The 900 unit apartment house went away with a change of the zoning, but given the history of this town surprising the citizens with changes has been a main stay. More to come.

Perhaps the Town should mandate water be accessible at any future building site before the construction takes place. It may be there recently now but the current 300 had nothing as it is still being built.

Who did not think that one through? Is that called dodging a bullet? That is why their tearing up Dennett Road to install water lines.

Are you kidding me. Good thing that was not the Days Inn.