Is former Kittery Councilor Thomson a hypocrite?

You be the judge.

A recent June 15th, 2023 Seacoast Online editorial about the Saint Thomas Aquinas school by Former Kittery Town Councilor Jeffrey Thomson states ” The treatment by the current school administration of my former colleagues is indefensible, especially when one considers that the mission statement of the school is centered on the values of decency and caring found in the gospel teachings of Christ.”

he goes on to say: “While I have heard from many of my former students in the past month, one young man’s comment, in particular, speaks for so many: “STA was such a beacon of discourse and challenging each other’s thoughts. To see it go down like this is really painful.”

Jeffrey Thomson lives in Kittery, Maine.

Hmm, I’m sure someone could have reached out to him, but I doubt it.

His editorial:

Is this a load of malarkey from one who I believe is a hypocrite? You got to read his editorial but at the same time, keep in mind the following.

Is there a different side of Jeffrey Thomson? This defender of the STA faculty never ceases to amaze me. WHAT ABOUT KITTERY?

  1. Where was he when Kittery teachers needed their salaries to be commensurate with their profession?
  2. Did he scold a Town Councilor for defending teachers and getting involved? The answer is a resounding Yes I was there!
  3. Where was he when the Kittery School budget was held hostage and had to be under 1.5 percent.
  4. What the heck was he thinking when he, Jeff Thomson wanted to close Traip Academy. Say What? You heard it right. It’s in the paper.

Perhaps Saint Thomas Aquinas has their own gremlin or saboteur working behind the scenes shaping policies after their own views, Kittery has a few.

Spare me the theatrics Mr.Thomson, maybe you should be fighting for Kittery Teachers, after all you know what it is like not to be appreciated.