Kittery’ s Land Fill is giving up its secrets.

Does Kittery have it’s own love canal? Well you must know by now that there was the a discovery of PFAS in the residents well water around the Dump. Why have we not continued to hear what Kittery has found and what the mitigation is for this forever chemical? Have people forgotten or do they just don’t care? At the end of this article view the pictures taken in the wood line perimeter of the dump.

According to the old timers who worked at the dump, allegedly there is an excavator under the dirt that fell into the landfill and could not be removed from the years and years of industrial and household waste. I have been told by former employees that many of them know what is there and perhaps how many complaints were made to the DEP. According to former employees, they are were not allowed to talk about it. The fence is being pushed over and even lifted by the landfill mound and shifting which allows the buried trash to escape under the fence into the forest. What is really buried there? The shipyard for a time dumped their trash there. Here is a PNSY production tag lying in the open as the earth pushes out its secrets from under the fence.

1966 or 1986 Hard to tell

You have heard about the Coakley Landfill, Pease, Fairfield, Camp Lejune, Berwick, KITTERY! The perimeter of the dump and all those who have well water better get them checked for PFAS. Kittery needs to deliver a water line to these people fast. Water travels far under ground and this is a proven fact. Could your wells could be adversely affected by the transfer station. Watch the video at the end as the water seeps from the dump and heads to the swamp and spruce creek. Unacceptable.

Is our land fill covered and properly managed, are there berms and retention walls, pipe vents for the methane that destroy our ozone or retention ponds to hold the contaminated run off?……………………. NO!

What goes on out back of the dump is unknown to most, lots of things go on from dumping of certain items, broken glass, construction material, storage of propane tanks (unknown If they are still filled with propane and perhaps save for use for future private projects). How do they empty them before welding them for private projects? The DPW has even stored Kittery’s DPW management’s boats, campers and motor homes up there as well. In fairness, that practice was recently stopped when the bear was poked.

Are we not supposed to sell these to recyclers as metal?
How does Kittery Empty these tanks?

(PFAS have been found in Maine in a number of places including: agricultural sites, drinking water supplies, surface waters, landfills, wastewater, sludge and seepage spreading sites, and remediation and cleanup sites.)

As the Town tries to mitigate this, some suggest do not sign anything from the Town without consulting your own lawyer. I recently have been informed by a home owner that the Town of Kittery wants a him to sign a form. The home owner believes the form suggests Kittery is not liable and it tries to indemnify the Town. If this is true, what does Kittery know that they are not telling us. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER.

PFAS cause cancer and other issues. Where is Erin Brockovich when you need her?




Regarding the PFAS at the Kittery Dump. Has anyone walked the transfer station fence line and seen the stuff being pushed out from the land fill into the forests? The Kittery Land Fill is finally giving up its secrets due and the evidence is all over the forest along the fence line and in the swamps. The ground is pushing it out like a pimple. Metal shavings, industrial and household waste and other items along with tags with references to the Navy Yard,

Trash is exposed in the woods from the 70’s and 80’s like Dan’s Star Market bread wrappers (a time stamp to the era so to speak), garage bags of waste and rusted empty oil drums, putrid water for the animal to drinks. Foam and slime covering water draining to spruce creek. Is Spruce Creek open for Clamming yet? HMMMM!

These breaches of the land fills directly impact the eco system. Has any Councilors, inhaled for a moment, no pun intended, and taken a break from rubber stamping Town issues and walked the fence line to see what Kittery covered up? OUTRAGEOUS! See the pictures below.

I have a question, Did a former long time employee of the Kittery Transfer pass on (die) because he had a medical condition that he personally attributed to the DUMP? How many town employees past and present drink the well water there, wash their hands, were exposed to the potential hazards that lie beneath. How many years before we learn the health hazards to our citizens.

Complaints have been made so lets see how Kittery manages this crisis. Feel free to FILE A COMPLAINT with the EPA.

Water running from the landfill towards spruce creek

Feel free to FILE A COMPLAINT with the EPA.