The Portsmouth Herald finally prints the story.

Stop the 900 Unit development public hearing July 13th, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Kittery Town Hall.

The real take away from this article is the following statement:

The zoning change “would stop the project,” Town Manager Kendra Amaral said.

The “Stop the 900” ( by reverting to the old ordinance that prohibits the building of 900 units) PETITION has only been in circulation since the end of April 2022. Numerous conversations with the Portsmouth Herald reporter IAN LENAHAN has resulted in just spinning wheels. It tends to make me wonder why? Many people have suggested the story would not make it out until after the public hearing. Kudos to the Herald for at least this meager attempt at informing the public. The story of this petition and the voices of the people should have made its way to the Kittery public long before today and the story should have been when this petition started and not after it was turned in. There was no (ZERO) help from the Portsmouth Herald in getting the news to the people. In fact, Ian has received written emails asking why he has not written about this. Note: I was BCC’d.

Spectrumocalnews did a fantastic story about the issue and its a free site, as well as my site OURKITTERY.Com.

As the newspapers continue to die across the United States, more and more people will turn to social media to get the news filtered, unfiltered, unbiased, biased and requiring fact checking but it will get out. The RAG as it is affectionately called will be an old memory of the Seacoast along with the Portsmouth Free Press the end of an era will be realized not soon enough.

Hope to see you all at the Public hearing at the Kittery Town Hall. Many hope the PUBLIC HEARING moves to the KCC to allow many to talk and not be restricted by Town occupancy limits. Feel free to read into that as you may.


If you’ve been hoping for an opportunity to publicly comment on the development, this is the time. We hope that you will consider attending either in-person or virtually to demonstrate our disapproval of the 900-unit development. 

The public may submit public comments for the discussion agenda item via email, US Mail, or by dropping written comments off at Town Hall. Emailed comments should be sent to

The public may participate in person or via Zoom webinar. To register for the Zoom webinar, click hereComments received by noon on the day of the meeting will be posted online with the agenda, and may be read into the record by the Council Chair. For more information, please visit the Town’s news item on this public hearing:

July13th,2022 at 6 pm