Stop the 900 petition public hearing July 13th.

UPDATE: THE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED for the STOP the 900 public hearing. Ourkittery was informed by a citizen and not the Town of this change. A call to the Town Clerk has confirmed the new date. This change was done after I was told it was the 18th. Makes me wonder!

The Town Council is having a public hearing on Wednesday, July 13th, 2022 for the Citizen Referendum petition to essentially Dennett Rd. Stop the 900 multi-unit residential project. You can come to the Kittery Council Chambers and voice your support or non support of the change.

As you know, the citizen referendum petition was accepted. As a result of the Citizen initiative Petition, the petition was certified as having the correct amount of signatures in excess of the required amount.

Please attend to vocalize your support for the change or if you oppose it.

The council can act and vote to change the ordinance back to the original business park ordinance or move to hold a special election to settle the matter.

The petition reads as follows:

“Shall the Inhabitants of the Town of Kittery repeal Kittery Town Code Title 16, Land Use and Development, §, Mixed-Use-Neighborhood, MU-N ordinance herewith and replace with the original Business Park Zone ordinance with immediate effect?” Yes or No

The council shall call a public hearing in the manner prescribed in § 2.14, subsection 2, to be held within 30 days from the date of the filing of such petition with the town clerk, and within 60 days after said public hearing hold a special town election for the purpose of submitting to a referendum vote the question of adopting such ordinance, unless prior to the election, such ordinance is enacted by the council in the manner prescribed for ordinances in general.
Such ordinance takes effect in the same manner as ordinances of the same kind adopted by the council, provided a majority of those voting thereon have voted in the affirmative. (Amended by vote of the
people 11-7-17)