Stop the 900 petition gaining steam.

In regards to the 900 unit development on Dennet rd. , we have almost reached half of the signatures needed to place the referendum on the ballot during a special election. As required, 499 signatures are needed and it’s always better to have more in case of signers not being registered voters. If you would like to help gather signatures from friends and family, we have more forms to give out. Please contact us and we will get to you for your signature.

Many residents are expressing their displeasure about the project and are asking lots of questions. Questions such as, how big will the massive increase traffic both on Dennet rd and Rte 236, side road traffic such as Stevenson, Dana, Old Post rd, Martin Rd be and more concerns along with taxing our local resources, public safety, what prohibits the developer from selling it to section 8, and other questions are being raised including the size capacity of the Sewer treatment plant and the impact of sewage to the plant from over adding 1200 units and stores. One resident asked “who pays for the construction of upgrading the sewer treatment plant size especially when you factor Eliot Maine adding hookups?” The biggest question being asked is are they really filling the wetlands?.

There are many great questions. The petition will force a special election to return to the old ordinance which will only allow cluster housing and not multi unit residential.

If you would like a form to help gather signatures, or sign the petition, email us at We will get them to you. Several residents are circulating the petition but more help would be appreciated.

Thank you