Councilor Clark blames Obese and Unvaxxed for hospital crowding.

The Kittery Town Council considers Mask Mandates again. Councilor Cyrus Clark’s blames the obese and unvaxxed for hospital crowding. Maybe he meant overcrowding. Read the article and watch the video clips at the end of this article.

During a recent Town Council Meeting over creating a mask mandate in Kittery, (1-24-2022, Town hall streams @ 1:05:00). During the Citizen Comments, a 40 year practicing physician with experience in infectious diseases, spoke to the Council about his belief that the Town of Kittery should institute a mask mandate and offered explanations as to why we should be wearing masks.

Chairperson Spiller,@1:07:15 said to the Doctor, when you contacted me over two weeks ago, I reached out to the Vice Chair and Town Manager to see if we should pursue this action and then added they were not enthusiastic about it and then SPILLER states she informally polled the Town Councilors (outside of the public view) as to their thoughts on the matter.

NOTE: It is the authors opinion that this conversation should have been conducted in public with the publics input. At the least, one of the 6 remaining Councilors or the Town Manager should have had the fortitude and cautioned Chairperson Spiller to do this in public not conduct an informal poll outside of the public’s view. The safety of the public should be a transparent conversation.

Spiller goes on and says of those (councilors) which responded, (the statement was not entirely clear), what she says she heard is that the mandate raises more controversy. She turned to the council (which was finally in the public forum) and asked for their opinion (in public).

After three Town Councilors spoke to their opinions, it moves on to Council Cyrus Clark a 4 year Councilor Veteran Cyrus Clark. His statement is at @1:10:38.  Cyrus Clark says he has no taste for this at all and it’s a personal responsibility or personal choice to wear or not wear a mask.

Councilor Cyrus Clark states the hospitals are crowded not because people are not wearing masks, but because people are unvaccinated. He says that is why the hospital is crowded. He then makes a statement that the hospitals are crowded because people are obese. He says a massive amount of people are drastically overweight.

“It’s not that they are not wearing a mask” Clark responds. At 1:11:10 Chairperson Spiller tries to shush him up and interrupt his rant.  He continues on and says that’s truth “if the hospitals are full it’s not because we are not wearing masks, it is because people are unvaccinated do you disagree”? Chairperson Spiller responds and says she absolutely agrees with that point and says let’s not go. 

It appears that Cyrus Clark apparently could not make up his mind whether the hospitals are overcrowded or as he states, crowded because they are filled with those who are unvaccinated or obese. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Just what Kittery needs, our own Dr. Fauci.  Outrageous!  

Perhaps Councilor Cyrus Clark should educate himself on the ways people can get Covid? Mask or No Mask, Obese, Underweight people and Unvaccinated and include all the ways one could get infected. Incidentally he and the other councilors failed to mention minorities, yes RACE.

Did you know that the CDC suggest minorities are more susceptible to COVID? (see the links below). Not one councilor nor the Town manager brought this up. Also, according to the CDC there are many proven cases of the vaccinated getting COVID. Also there are many scientific articles about weight and Covid. (See Below).

The Council consensus vote on the mask mandate went as follows.

Stevens           Yes       with explanation

Clark                No        with explanation

Dow                 No        with explanation

Pelletier          No        with NO explanation

McGuire         Yes       with explanation

Hamm            Yes       with explanation.

Spiller             No         with an explanation. Paraphrase: We can’t enforce it. We will hold off.  Listen below as she suggests Omicron will be a relatively be a minor issue.

For CDC information on the COVID-19 pandemic, follow the link below .

Maybe we should follow the science and not the addlepated.

CLARK’s COMMENTS during the meeting.

The following video contains comments from a Dr. with over 40 years of experience and all the other councilors comments.