Two sides of a story and different opinions.

For those who are following the news, I resigned from the Town Council.

Due to the smear campaign by the Town of Kittery, I’m issuing this statement.

In an obvious attempt to shift the discussion by creating the inference of illicit motives, the Town has issued a statement that I was “surveilling females”. In fact, regardless of gender, I was following-up on reports of town employees running personal errands while being paid by Kittery taxpayers.

Whether those employees happen to be male or female was of no moment; I felt- and feel- obligated to either document such abuse or to confirm that it was unfounded, and that is exactly what I did. Moreover, I promptly advised the Town Manager of both what I had done and what I had learned.

Despite the Town’s suggestion, nothing I did was in any way illegal and there has been no credible suggestion that it was. It is unfortunate that the Town would stoop to implicit defamation in an attempt to further frustrate good-faith efforts in obtaining transparency. This is a classic example of “shooting the messenger” and it was because of this mindset that I felt I could no longer be a part of the Council.