My Official Town Council Resignation Letter. Chuck Denault Jr.

My resignation Letter to the Town.

Dear Ms. Estee,

Please accept this as my official resignation from the Kittery Town Council.

It has been my great honor and privilege to serve this community, first as a police officer for many years and, for the last seven years, as a Councilor. My goal in seeking election to the Council was to serve the entirety of Kittery, attempting to ensure transparency, fiscal responsibility and a productive work force. When presented with information raising concerns about these issues, I aggressively followed up in concert with what I believed my sworn duty to all of Kittery’s citizenry.

Unfortunately, despite apparent misuse of town resources, dissension within the town’s workforce and despite significant employee turnover, there was considerable resistance to these efforts. Not surprisingly, those that favored the status-quo took offense to my actions and charged that, despite being a Councilor, I was precluded from acting to shine a light on issues that I believed were important for the electorate, and so threatened to remove me from office.

While I believe that I have proceeded honorably in all regards, upon reflection it is clear that the business of governing outweighs the benefits challenge to the opposition, which would only serve to create still more dysfunction in town government and that is contrary to my sincere affection for Kittery.

I am grateful for the trust instilled by those that voted for me, along with the opportunity to serve those that did not. I continue to believe that my life-long hometown is a special place and will do all that I can to protect and promote it going forward.

Very truly yours,

Charles H. Denault Jr.