Kittery says no way, Eliot says let’s do it. Chloromines yes or no?

Kittery says no to a public hearing request to put a question that was non-binding before its residents after a citizen petition was dropped in their laps. Eliot Town Manager says no petition is needed and it will be placed on the ballot.

Such a contrast. Kittery councilors Lemont, Spiller and Thompson voted no after the Kittery Town Council was presented with 450 signatures to put a non-binding referendum before a public. Councilor Matt Brock was not present. Councilors Clark, Pelletier and Denault said yes. The vote was tied and the motion failed.

Eliot Town Manager Dana Lee no petition is necessary to see if it should go on the ballot and so it shall. 7 to nothing in favor of the public having a voice.

From the article in the well written article in the Portsmouth Herald. Town Manager Dana K. Lee suggested that the Select Board could place the referendum on the November ballot, so there would be no need for a petition. Chairman Richard Donhauser said they board would draft the question with input from Thompson and Dow.

I am dumbfounded.

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